New TFS book soon available: Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization

Never ceases to amaze me how some of our community rock stars are able to discover and do so much with almost no contact with the Team Foundation Server development team…And just to make sure this phenomena doesn’t make sense; there also seems to be an inverse relationship with these folks and their remoteness!  In… Read more

How to connect to TF Service without a prompt for LiveID credentials

Normally when you connect to the Team Foundation Service you are presented with a web page to log in with your Microsoft Account (aka LiveID). When you log in you can choose to have it remember you and you won’t have to enter your Microsoft Account credentials again (unless you don’t log in again for… Read more

Code sample for using TFS events

The guys behind the All-In-One Code Framework published a sample on using TFS events earlier this month. I’m not sure, but it may have been thier first sample covering TFS. They have more on their backlog. You can suggest sample ideas, and vote on other suggestions, too. To vote on suggestions, search for TFS in the sample request… Read more

VS ALM Library Updates on MSDN for June 2010

Well the days are getting shorter, there’s a nip in the air, and the clouds are building up again. But oh what a summer it was! Last Tuesday, if I remember correctly. However, we didn’t let all those hours on the beach keep us from updating the ALM Library. Here are the results. Manual Configuration… Read more

Team Foundation SDK Updates: VB Samples + More Samples using the Version Control APIs

We’ve just updated to the Team Foundation SDK content ( Extending Team Foundation ) to include VB samples alongside the C# samples that we had previously published. We’ve also added some new sample code for working with the version control APIs: …(read more)… Read more

VS ALM Library Updates on MSDN for December 2010

Snow, turkeys, Win 7 phones, floods, Kinects, and cold: It’s been an interesting month here in the Northwest. In other news, VSALMDC released documentation for Visual Studio Feature Pack 2 and created additional content for the MSDN Library. And for those of you are having holidays this month and are planning on enjoying them: Happy… Read more

Team Foundation SDK Improved for VS 2010

Back in January, I wrote this post that showed that we really needed to change directions on the SDK content. The major elements of the new approach are Throw out what was there because it wasn’t working Deliver a new set of SDK content that covers at least the core elements of the client object… Read more

Need your feedback on the MSDN Library topic: "Extending Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management"

Would you like to help evaluate how well improvements to this topic work for you? Here’s what Allen Clark, the topic’s author, wants to accomplish: “I’ve been working on streamlining some content in an effort to make it easier for you to get the information that you need. The first place I did this was in… Read more

VS ALM Library Updates on MSDN for October 2010

October has been spectacular here in the Pacific Northwest, which has nothing to do with the reduced output in this month’s MSDN Library updates for VS ALM. There is a lot of work being done to reorganize and refocus our content to make it even more useful to you in acccomplishing your goals. We are… Read more

Team Foundation SDK Update includes the Server Object Model

We just published updates to the Team Foundation SDK , which now covers the server object model . We’re making some other changes, too. Of course, we’re adding more content to the reference material. For example, we’ve added information that we think you’ll find useful in Microrosoft.TeamFoundaiton.WorkItemTracking.Client Namespace , including a code snippet to help… Read more