Work Item Visualization is one of many productivity extensions on the marketplace

We are pleased to announce the latest update of the Work Item Visualization extension. It’s one of our first productivity extensions, enabling you to easily visualize work item relationships and traceability from requirements to code, to test cases, to releases. The update contains tons of bug fixes and these new features: annotations [1], saving [2]… Read more

New and updated DevLabs extensions in the Visual Studio Team Services Marketplace

Microsoft DevLabs is an outlet for experiments from Microsoft, experiments that represent some of the latest ideas around developer tools. Solutions in this category are designed for broad usage, and you are encouraged to use and provide feedback on them; however, these extensions are not supported nor are any commitments made as to their longevity…. Read more

Azure Active Directory (AAD) Authentication Plug-in for SonarQube

The AAD OAuth2 provider for SonarQube enables AAD users to automatically be sign up and authenticated on a SonarQube server. Depending on the OAuth 2.0 providers you have enabled on the SonarQube server, you may see several login buttons. In the image below, only the AAD provider has been enabled. Get the v1 bits!   … Read more

Release Management Workflow Migrator

Looking to export a Release Management agent based deployment pipeline so that it can be reused in the Release Management service in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)? We have released a migration tool and associated guidance as an open source project, allowing you to use “as is” or contribute to the project. If a Pull… Read more

Breakpoint Generator Extension

Posting on behalf of Jakob Ehn and Utkarsh Shigihalli, Visual Studio ALM Rangers and MVPs As developers, we are often confronted with existing, potentially large codebases that we have never seen before but are asked to make changes in. It can be a class library received from a colleague or a complete application downloaded from… Read more

Team Foundation Server 2015 upgrade planning

Do you plan to upgrade your Visual Studio Team Foundation Server? Here are a few discussions and checklists to help you with the planning: New Elements of TFS 2015 that influence an upgrade Long Lead Preparations Long Lead Checklist Short Lead Checklist Post Upgrade Checklist You can find more information here: Upgrade your deployment to… Read more

Test Planning and Management Guide – Updated

The ‘Test Release Management Guidance’, since its first release in early 2012, has been a great resource that lays down guidance about important questions pertinent to Manual Test Planning, such as: What are best practices, based on project size or development methodology? How do I structure my test plans? How do I organize my test… Read more

Extracting effective permissions and Security Auditing for TFS

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers are pleased to announce our v1.1 release for Extracting effective permissions and Security Auditing for TFS. This release contains a whitepaper and samples all based on a prototype to help you get started with extracting effective permissions. Hear what some of the team members have to say about the research… Read more

Understanding migrations from on-premises TFS to Visual Studio Online

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers are pleased to announce the release of the second Understanding TFS migrations from on-premises to Visual Studio Online research findings whitepaper. This second part is a walkthrough of a migration, using a simulated on-premises environment, Brian Keller’s VM’s, to Visual Studio Online (VSO). The walkthrough is based on two assumptions:… Read more

Peruse the new PowerShell DSC v1 guidance and other recent releases

latest release We are pleased to announce that the first version of the PowerShell Desired State Configuration for DevOps and ALM Practitioners v1 guidance has shipped.   other recent releases TFS Upgrade Guidance v3.3 revision published, addressing typos and revisions to moving TFS Collections to TFS 2013 using TFS Config Attach guidance. TFS on Azure… Read more