Application Insights retiring on VSO Portal & blogging on Azure Blogs

If you’re still using the older version of Application Insights in the Visual Studio Online portal, you’ll have to update your application to use the new version hosted in the Azure Preview portal by October 15. We announced in an August blog post on Azure Blogs that Application Insights has transitioned from the Visual Studio… Read more

Application Insights: Choose your own Performance Counters

You’ve always been able to see some performance counters in Metric Explorer: Process CPU, Available Memory, and so on. Windows has lots of other performance counters, and you may also have defined your own custom counters. And now with the latest Application Insights SDK for web apps you can collect any performance counters you choose… Read more

Introducing the Application Insights SDK for Java

When you publish a Java web application, you want a clear view of what users are doing with it and how it’s performing. Your most effective plan for future work comes from a deep understanding of how people use what you’ve already provided: which features they like, what patterns they follow, and what they find… Read more

Adding Application Insights to a Windows 8.1 Universal App

I’ve commonly been asked if Application Insights supports Windows 8.1 Universal Apps. You can be highly successful utilizing Application Insights with Universal Apps. Integration of Application Insights is a few additional steps but very straightforward. In this blog post, I’ll walk through the steps to integrate Application Insights into your Universal App and discuss some… Read more

Exploring Data at Scale with New Capabilities in Application Insights and Metrics Explorer

Application Insights can capture, store and index large scale amounts of data about your application’s availability, performance and usage. But how can you gain insights from this data once it is stored in Application Insights? In this blog post, we will take you through some of the brand new features in Metrics Explorer for exploring… Read more

Modern Apps & Agile Analytics

Introduction Agile software development came out of a number of experimental approaches taken in the late 1990s to change the way software was planned, developed and delivered. One of the essential components common to all agile methods is the concept of incremental delivery. When an engineering team adopts an incremental delivery paradigm, they stop trying… Read more

Learn about your app’s usage with Application Insights

We’re excited to introduce our new usage analysis experience for both your web applications and device apps (Windows Phone and Windows Store applications). Using Application Insights, it’s now easy to answer common questions about your app adoption, your users’ profile, the way your users experience the app, your top used features, and much more. Knowing… Read more

Metrics Explorer – Custom metrics, events and properties

Knowing how people use your application is vital to shaping your development priorities and architecture. To get that information, Visual Studio Application Insights makes it easy to insert a few snippets of code that send telemetry about how each feature is being used. With this release of Application Insights, we have added segmentation and filtering on… Read more

Application Insights: Moving from Visual Studio Online Portal to Azure Preview Portal

In the last year, Application Insights has been making a transition from being part of the Visual Studio Online Portal to be one of the services offered in the new Azure Preview portal. It has been our vision to provide you complete 360° views of your applications’ availability, performance and usage which can enable fast… Read more

Why Analytics?

Analytics gives us the ability to understand our users and what they are experiencing, so we can build the right applications for them. It alerts us quickly to any issues and helps us diagnose them rapidly so as to provide users with the best possible service level. Users have high expectations and little tolerance for… Read more