Storyboard shapes extensions being deprecated from Visual Studio Marketplace

Starting today Visual Studio extensions are now being served from the Visual Studio Marketplace. Nearly all 10,000 + private and public Visual Studio extensions have been migrated to the Visual Studio Marketplace. As part of this change we are deprecating the Storyboard Shapes extensions which were for Microsoft PowerPoint. We will be maintaining direct downloads… Read more

Visual Studio extensions now on the Marketplace!

We launched the public preview of the Visual Studio Marketplace at Connect() last year. Since then we’ve added a lot of features and have seen great engagement from developers both building and consuming extensions. But there was always one major missing element in our catalog, and that was Visual Studio extensions. Today we are proud… Read more

What’s trending on the Marketplace? Now you know!

Today we’re launching a new list on the VS Code home page to show case the top 18 trending extension on the Marketplace. By default, the list will show the top trending extensions in the week, but you can also see what extensions are trending in a day or month as well using the drop… Read more

Add build/project details to your extension page on Marketplace

Developer activity on an extension has proven to be an important indicator of trust and reliability for users on the Marketplace. We’ve seen two such indicators used widely by publishers: Linking to the GitHub repository Badges linking to Build CI systems and other public entities associated with the project. We’ve seen a number of publishers… Read more

Team Services September Extensions Roundup – App Stores!

Windows, iOS, and Android, oh my! This month the roundup focus is on app stores. Whether you’re building apps for the Windows Store, the iOS App Store, or Google Play, these extensions provide build & release tasks to automate many facets of publishing your app. Whether you’re releasing updates to a production app, upgrading from alpha… Read more

Continuous Delivery of iOS Applications with Visual Studio Team Services

We are happy to announce an Apple App Store extension that allows deploying iOS applications to the Apple App Store via Team Services or Team Foundation Server (2015 Update 3 or later). Along with the Google Play extension, this provides a good story for continuous deployment of iOS and Android mobile applications via Team Services and TFS…. Read more

New requirement when updating Team Services extensions on the Marketplace

If you develop extensions for Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server, there is a new requirement during publishing that you should be aware of: when updating an extension on the Marketplace, the updated extension’s version number must be greater than the published extension’s version number. To say it another way, you must increment the version of your… Read more

Publisher responses to reviews is now live on Marketplace!

In the two months since the launch of Ratings and Reviews on the Visual Studio Marketplace, we’ve seen great participation from our community. Well over 1000 reviews have been posted on the Marketplace already. But while we enabled a great way for users to express their opinion, the publisher’s voice was yet to be heard…. Read more

Tips and tricks for search on Visual Studio Marketplace

There are times when searching for something, when a simple term just won’t do. Whether it is when you are ordering some coffee or sifting through your inbox, sometimes you know exactly what you are looking for and you just need a way to do it. Well, with our query language constructs you can now… Read more

Assessing extension reliability and safety

With 3rd party extensions now being available for Team Foundation Server as well on the Marketplace, there have been a number of queries around evaluating extension reliability and safety. With this post we aim to provide a general set of guidelines for users, as well as publishers, regarding plugin safety and reliability. We also want… Read more