Test result data retention with Team Foundation Server 2015

Test execution, especially in the automated testing workflow, generates considerable amount of data. To keep your test system performant and responsive, its recommended to periodically clean up test results that are no longer relevant. Below are sources from which test results are generated in TFS, and the current features (as of TFS 2015 RTM or… Read more

Test Planning and Management Guide – Updated

The ‘Test Release Management Guidance’, since its first release in early 2012, has been a great resource that lays down guidance about important questions pertinent to Manual Test Planning, such as: What are best practices, based on project size or development methodology? How do I structure my test plans? How do I organize my test… Read more

Test Plan and Test Suite Customization with TFS2013 Update3

One of the top feature requests from Microsoft Test Manager/Test Case Management users across various forums has been the ability to customize the Test Plan and Test Suite artifacts. Based on the feedback, with Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3, we are adding the functionality to add custom fields and workflows to Test Plans and… Read more

Case Study: Using froglogic for test UI automation with Java based applications and Microsoft Test Manager

In just the last month i have been asked three times for a case study or examples of how to test Java based systems using Microsoft Test Manager. Knowing one of the ALM MVPs, Marcel de Vries, is finishing up a very large Java project i reached out to him to find out how he… Read more

Testing devices made easier with Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud™ platform and Team Foundation Server

A common pain point for today’s development teams is procuring and testing the plethora of devices modern applications are now running on. To ensure the highest quality for their business-critical mobile apps, development teams require robust mobile testing solutions that address the complexities of multi-platform development in a highly fragmented mobile market. While solving just… Read more

Code Coverage in Microsoft Test Manager in Visual Studio Update 1

Another in the ALM MVP Blog series. This article was written by Mike Douglas one of our most active ALM Rangers contributing to a bunch of the ALM Ranger projects!  Make sure and check out Mikes article: Continuous Feedback using Storyboarding, Code Reviews, and the Feedback Tool in Visual Studio 2012 ALM  (The ALM Ranger… Read more

Enabling Test Case Management features in Team Foundation Server Web Access

  Update: We have moved the test case management features for Web Access to Visual Studio Update 2.   So when you install the latest CTP for Visual Studio Update 1 these test features will no longer be present.  We plan to re-enable these features in the CTPs for Visual Studio Update 2. For a final… Read more

Testing Mobile devices with Visual Studio using SeeTest plugin

While at StarEast I met some really great partners.  One that caught my eye was Experitest with their SeeTestTM  plugin for Visual Studio.  The reason I found them so interesting is most Mobile Testing solutions force you to make a decision do you put interrupts in at the OS level (potentially masking real problems, compromising… Read more

Acceptance Testing UI using Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft Test Manager and Fit style tables

A while back I was sitting in a class by Rod Claar and he introduced the concept of using Fit tables for improving collaboration in software development. The way Fit tables do this is by enabling stakeholders and business analysts to enter expected input and the proper output in a tool they are comfortable with… Read more