Maven and Gradle build tasks support powerful code analysis tools

Over the last few months we have been steadily building up the capabilities of the Maven and Gradle build tasks to offer insights into code quality through popular code analysis tools. We are pleased to announce additional much-requested features that we are bringing to these tasks, which will make it easier to understand and control… Read more

Maven and Gradle build task support Checkstyle analysis

A few sprints ago we enabled SonarQube and PMD analysis on the Maven and Gradle tasks. We continue to add code analysis tooling to the Java build tasks with Checkstyle support for Gradle, and – in a few days – for Maven. Checkstyle Analysis Checkstyle is the analyzer of choice for enforcing a coding standard. It is a… Read more

Gradle build task now also supports PMD analysis

Last month, we enabled support for PMD analysis in the Maven build task (see The Maven build task now supports PMD analysis out of the box). This is now the turn of Gradle. PMD Analysis with Gradle You can now request a PMD analysis in the Gradle build task using the new “Run PMD Analysis”… Read more

A new Team Services build task to queue Jenkins jobs

Team Services sprint 102 introduces a new build task, Jenkins Queue Job.  Now your Team Foundation Server (TFS) builds can integrate with Jenkins to queue and monitor Jenkins jobs.  The Jenkins Queue Job task is cross platform and does not require any additional build agent dependencies. Add the Queue Jenkins Job Build task to your… Read more

Create Archives in Team Services Builds and Releases

Team Services sprint 102 introduces a new build task, Archive Files.  Use it to easily create archives during your Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Team Services continuous integration (CI) build process.  The Archive Files task is cross platform and uses native zip, tar, and 7-Zip on Mac and Linux.  For Windows, we bundled 7-Zip with the task and… Read more

Managing Technical Debt planning update – 2016Q3

[Nov 2016: Added a status Update with links on details for what was done]   Back in January, I shared with you our SonarQube integration Update and plans for the first half of 2016. I’ve just updated that blog post to ensure that all the links were added to the individual blog posts for the… Read more

The Maven build task now supports PMD analysis out of the box

Simple Java static analysis tools In addition to working on the SonarQube integration, we received feedback from some of you that you would like the Maven and Gradle tasks to perform static analysis using common Java tools such as PMD, CheckStyle, and FindBugs. These tools are also supported though SonarQube plug-ins, and most of their… Read more

The Gradle build task now supports SonarQube analysis

SonarQube analysis for Java In October, we updated the Maven task to support SonarQube analysis (See The Maven build task now simplifies SonarQube analysis). This time, we are pleased to announce an updated Gradle task which makes it easy for Java developers using Gradle to trigger a SonarQube analysis in Visual Studio Team Services. Using… Read more

Nexus build extension for Team Services

We are pleased to announce the new Integrate with Sonatype Nexus extension available from the Visual Studio Marketplace for Team Services and Team Foundation Server (TFS). This extension adds a build which task makes it easy to upload your build artifacts to your Nexus Server as part of your Team Services or Team Foundation Server (TFS) build.  This is especially… Read more

SonarQube Code Analysis issues integration into Pull Requests

See also SonarQube documentation available from Analyzing with SonarQube Extension for VSTS/TFS Goal: Let developers fix issues early Team leads and managers spend time drilling into the SonarQube dashboard, setting up quality gates and monitoring technical debt. Have a look at the publicly available SonarQube dashboard for the Roslyn project to get an idea of… Read more