Enable Remote Audio Capture to when Testing or Providing Feedback on Remote Machines

To record audio as part of a feedback or testing session on a remote machine that is running Microsoft Feedback Client, Test Runner, or Exploratory Testing window, you must configure audio redirection settings on the remote machine. You must also enable “record from this computer” when you connect to the remote machine. You can perform… Read more

Launching the Feedback client from a Windows 8 application using Team Foundation Server Preview

One of my standard demos lately is to show off the new Feedback client – lately I have also been showing how you could launch the feedback client using our URI syntax i.e. mfbclient://chassALM:8080/DefaultCollection/p:LureCo?rid=1,2,3    Where ChassALM is an on premise TFS instance DefaultCollection is my project collection (duh<g>) LureCo is my Team project 1,2,3… Read more

Enabling Feedback Requests, the Backlog and Sprint Planning Features in Team Foundation Server 2012

During the Visual Studio 11 Beta I created the post Enabling Feedback Requests for Team Foundation Server showing you that you needed to enable alerts so “Request Feedback” would show up… In the Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate an additional step is required to enable the Request and Manage Feedback and the Backlog and Sprint… Read more

Team Foundation Service Preview–Updated videos are available

Way back in September of 2011, Martin Woodward published a blog post that referenced a series of Channel 9 videos that were introductions to the TFS Preview. Those videos were recorded based on the version delivered at the BUILD conference. Just wanted to let everyone know that all of those videos have been re-recorded with… Read more

Getting Feedback on Working Software with Visual Studio 11

How often have you built the software that your users asked for, but not necessarily what they wanted? One of the determining factors between success and failure of software projects is getting the right feedback, at the right time, from the right individuals. In Microsoft Visual Studio 11, we have enabled feedback deeply throughout the… Read more

Learning about the Team Foundation Service Preview

UPDATE Feb 16 2012: All the videos referenced in this blog post have been re-recorded with the latest version of Team Foundation Service Preview. While the links remain the same, the videos pointed to by those links have been updated in-place.   As you may have read by now, today is an exciting day.  At… Read more

Got feature suggestions for Visual Studio?

You can now post your ideas about how to improve Visual Studio and vote on them on the Visual Studio User Voice site. There are categories for Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Ultimate, Test and Lab Management, and other specific areas. For more information, see Brian Harry’s blog. If you have bugs to report, please continue submitting them through Microsoft Connect. Thanks for… Read more

Significant Changes Made to Streamline the Content for Work Item Type Schema Reference

A move has been afoot to eliminate topics that no one is reading anyway. By consolidating content into a smaller topic set, we believe that you will more easily access the information that supports you in accomplishing your tasks. In the area of defining and customizing the definitions of work item types, this initiative has represented… Read more

Need your feedback on the MSDN Library topic: "Extending Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management"

Would you like to help evaluate how well improvements to this topic work for you? Here’s what Allen Clark, the topic’s author, wants to accomplish: “I’ve been working on streamlining some content in an effort to make it easier for you to get the information that you need. The first place I did this was in… Read more

How is Visual Studio 2010 working for you?

Jason Zander wants you to tell MS directly: “It’s been just over 6 months since we launched Visual Studio 2010 in April. I hope you’ve been busy digging in and taking VS out for a spin. Your feedback was invaluable to us as we were building VS – thank you! It’s a great time for us to hear what… Read more