Update on Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2017

Last month, we shipped Visual Studio 2017 RTM and since then we’ve had many reports on Team Explorer issues.  In a nutshell, the quality of Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2017 RTM isn’t up to our usual standards. Most of the bugs stem from 2 sets of changes: a major refactor of the authentication library and moving… Read more

Import repositories from TFVC to Git

You can now migrate code from an existing TFVC repository to a new Git repository within the same account. To start migration, select Import Repository from the repository selector drop-down. Individual folders or branches can be imported to the Git repository, or the entire TFVC repository can be imported (minus the branches). Users can also… Read more

Git repo tokens for the security service

The VSTS platform offers a security REST endpoint which allows you to add and remove permissions on resources. (To understand the rest of this blog post, you’re going to want to skim those docs first.) Several of the security APIs, as well as TFSSecurity.exe, expect a token identifying the resource to operate on. The token… Read more