Getting Started with Selenium Testing in a Continuous Integration Pipeline with Visual Studio

Leveraging Donovan’s great DevOps series on building his Ignite Demo here is a walk through for using Selenium with Visual Studio Team Services and the PartsUnlimited sample found at:   Getting Started with Selenium in a Continuous Integration Pipeline Performing user interface testing as part of the build process is a great way of… Read more

Become a Professional Scrum Developer Trainer

ALM MVP, Richard Hundhausen, is running a Professional Scrum Developer Trainer event in London, England 8-12 February, 2016. This event is the only 2016 Scrum.Org training in the United Kingdom for Scrum professionals interested in becoming a trainer for the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) program. About the course: As a trainer you will have… Read more

Developer Division’s transformation to DevOps by Sam Guckenheimer

Good friend and coworker, Sam Guckenheimer presented at a recent Gartner conference how we changed the developer division from shipping a box product ~every year to delivering value every week with Visual Studio Team Services.  In this presentation Sam discusses how we scaled our process to this cadence(production first mindset), how to focus on customer… Read more

6 Great Webinars including: Building a DevOps practice step-by-step

(Editors note: due to the popularity two new “Unleash your DevOps Practices” were added)   Northwest Cadence and Rennie Araucto are offering a bunch of great webinars to bring in your Holidays and New Year. Unleash you DevOps potential with Visual Studio Enterprise! Attend our webcast to discover how an organization can use Visual Studio… Read more

Cloud Load Test Build Task information

We are updating the Visual Studio Team Services Build Steps and thought these topics would be of interest: If you want to create your own Build Task check out my post here:     ******************************       Cloud Load Test Build Task Use Visual Studio Cloud-based Load Test to understand, test and… Read more

Visual Studio 2015 Test Tools getting started content

Visual Studio Testing Tools enables development teams ensure higher quality applications and adopt latest testing practices. These Testing tools provide insightful information enabling development teams to reproduce  and fix issues sooner and faster. Ensuring higher quality applications and a better customer experience. In addition, the testing team can be more productive while planning, executing and… Read more

Creating Load Test Plugins for Cloud-based Load Test

This week I have had two questions that involved the need to create a load test plugin.   In the latest scenario the person wanted Cloud-based load test to ramp up the user count randomly. Yes plugins work the same for both on-premises and Cloud-based load testing.  In this post i will walk through creating a… Read more

Testing Java Applications with Visual Studio Team Services

If you watched the Connect() event I am sure you noticed that we are focusing on enabling cross platform development with Visual Studio Team Services. This definitely includes testing those applications.   The new Visual Studio Team Services includes build tasks to make it easy to integrate your build and testing efforts into your release pipelines… Read more

Scheduling Load Test Execution

After publishing  Load Testing from different geographies with Cloud-based load testing I have have had a couple of people ask how do you schedule Load Tests.  Depending on what type of load testing you are doing there are two ways to do this.  For on-premises Load Test you will need to use the Command line… Read more