Content Index for Coded UI Test

I have been collecting various resources related to Coded UI Test since its release. I have updated this Content Index for features we released in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1.   Check it out –    Mathew Aniyan Program Manager – Visual Studio… Read more

Visual Studio 2012 C++ CppUnitTestFramework targeting the Visual Studio C++ 2010 compiler

Slow news day here at Microsoft; trolling my inbox noticed two things that might be of interest to the ALM Community. Using the C++ Unit Testing Framework targeting the 2010 complier and we have (found and) updated the “Team Foundation Server Migration and Integration Solutions page on MSDN”.   Visual Studio 2012  C++ CppUnitTestFramework targeting… Read more

ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012 RC, TFS 2012 Monitoring Management Pack AND SQL Server Data Tools December 2012 release now available

Crazy week around here with everybody finishing up their sprints before the holidays! Three new exciting downloads and a new Channel9 Video on the Visual Studio Update1 for you over the Holidays! Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Server Monitoring Management Pack ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012 2 Release Candidate SQL Server Data Tools – December… Read more

Known Issue Upgrading from TFS 2012 Beta to Update 1

We would like to convey some information about a known upgrade issue with the February 29th Team Foundation Server 2012 Beta release. Recently, one of our customers reported hitting a block when trying to upgrade TFS 2012 Beta to the recent TFS Update 1 release. TF255438: The configuration database that you specified cannot be upgraded. The… Read more

Debugging SharePoint Apps with IntelliTrace in Visual Studio

  In this post we’ll explore how to use IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate Update 2 to debug custom Web Parts in a SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2010  application. First we’ll summarize SharePoint’s use of correlation IDs and the IntelliTrace enhancements in VS2012 Update 2, and then we’ll dive into a walkthrough.   SharePoint’s Unified Logging… Read more

Creating NGEN PDBs for Profiling Reports

Update: Visual Studio 2013 will generate PDBs automatically when using the CPU Sampling or the CPU Usage tool in the Performance and Diagnostics hub. See this post for more details! When profiling managed applications on Windows 8 any samples in an NGEN’d module will appear in the report as [NI module name] instead of showing… Read more

Asynchronous calls in C++ Windows Store Unit Tests

In Visual Studio 2012, we added support for the Async Test Methods in C#. You can call await inside the test method body and the unit test framework will appropriately wait for its completion. Here is a sample test method.         [TestMethod]         public async Task TestMethod1()         {             //Arrange             AtomPubClient client =… Read more

Coded UI Test: Configuring Search Properties while recording on Internet Explorer

This blog assumes that you have a prior understanding of Coded UI Test Search properties.  If not, a good starting point would be here. This blog explains the new “configurable properties” feature of the Coded UI test that we added in VS Update 1. Prior to VS Update 1, Coded UI Test records the controls with… Read more