Splitting up Git administer permissions

Like everything in VSTS and TFS, Git repos are protected by a set of permissions. For instance, you must have Read for a repo to clone or view its contents. Likewise, you must have Contribute to push changes. Until recently, you needed one permission to create, delete, or rename a repo, edit branch policies, or change other… Read more

Debugging .NET Core on Unix over SSH

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 RC3 it is now possible to attach to .NET Core processes running on Linux over SSH. This blog post will explain how to set this up. Machine Setup On the Visual Studio computer, you need to install either the ‘ASP.NET and web development’ or the “.NET Core cross-platform… Read more

Team Services Process Customization Roadmap (Jan 2017)

Work items in Visual Studio Team Services can be customized to meet the needs of your individual organization. Today, project administrators can add/remove fields to a work item form, change the way fields are displayed on a form, define states that your work item can move through, and define your own custom work item types…. Read more

Team Services January Extensions Roundup

I can’t believe we’re almost through the first month of 2017. I hope the new year is treating everyone well. We’ve got a lot in store for the Team Services extension ecosystem and we’re excited to continue growing our platform and bring you new experiences. This month I want to give a shout-out to two trending and highly rated extensions… Read more

Team Foundation Server 2017 and Kerberos Authentication

In Team Foundation Server 2017 we made a change to the default security support providers used by our IIS site for Windows Authentication. We didn’t anticipate this change attracting much notice, since we had ensured (through extensive testing) that there would not be any impact for existing TFS deployments and since we were making things… Read more

The mobile work item form (preview)

Note: The improvements discussed in this post will be rolling out throughout the next week. I’m excited to announce that the preview of the mobile work item form in Visual Studio Team Services is finally here! In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the scenarios this mobile form enables, share the progress we’ve made,… Read more

New Feature: Delivery Plans for Visual Studio Team Services

Today, we’re announcing a brand new Visual Studio Team Services feature… Delivery Plans. What are Delivery Plans? When you’re planning and tracking work, it’s often necessary to see that work across Teams and Projects.  Visual Studio Team Services already provides customizable Kanban boards and Backlogs to help teams get their work done, but it’s often… Read more

New work item form in TFS 2017

About a year ago we released the new work item form to Visual Studio Team Services. This was the beginning of our vision for managing work items in a more social and visual way. Over the past year, we focused on realizing this vision through continual improvements and listening to customer feedback. We added many… Read more

New Year, New PR Goodies

In our first release of the new year, we’ve included a lot of great pull request features.  Let’s take a lap around them to see how they can help improve your workflow. My Pull Requests One of the big features in the latest release is the new, personalized account page, which includes a new “My… Read more

Deprecation of the Team Rooms in Team Services and TFS

Modern development teams heavily depend on collaboration. People want (and need) a place to monitor activity (notifications) and talk about it (chat). A few years back, we recognized this trend and set out to build the Team Room to support these scenarios. Since that time, we have seen more solutions to collaborate emerge in the… Read more