JBoss and WildFly extension for Visual Studio Team Services

We are pleased to announce the new JBoss and WildFly extension available from the Visual Studio Marketplace for Visual Studio Team Services / Team Foundation Server. This extension provides a task to deploy your Java applications to an instance of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 7 or WildFly Application Server 8 and above over the HTTP management… Read more

Team Services December Extensions Roundup

It is the holiday season and we get to look back on a fantastic year for the Team Services Marketplace! Thanks to our growing publisher community there are 321 extensions in the Marketplace and November was one of the best months ever for our installation traffic. 2017 is full of potential as we continue to invest and grow our ecosystem. This month… Read more

SonarSource have announced their own SonarQube Team Services / TFS integration

Microsoft have been partnering with SonarSource for almost two years to bring SonarQube to .NET developers and to make it easy to analyze MSBuild and Java projects from Visual Studio Team Services, TFS and Visual Studio. The partnership, and Team Services extensibility, have now matured to the point that we have jointly decided that it… Read more

How to recreate the TFVC team project folder

We’ve had a handful of support calls lately from customers who deleted their team project folder in TFVC. tf.exe makes it easy to do, but not easy to undo. Fortunately, the fix is straightforward, and Will Lennon has written it up in a blog post. With Will’s permission, I’m reblogging the contents below. TF.exe makes it easy… Read more

The Visual Studio Modeling SDK is now available with Visual Studio 2017

You might want to use the Visual Studio Modeling SDK if you have one of these requirements: Create Graphical or Form-Based modeling designers. For these, you can use the DSL Tools Enable transformation of T4 templates part of the build. For these you can use the T4 SDK Bulk-index assemblies in the Code Index underlying… Read more

December Hosted Build Image Updates

Over the next few days we will roll out a new build image with the following software updates. .NET Core 1.1 Android SDK v25 Azure CLI 0.10.7 Azure PS 3.1.0 Azure SDK 2.9.6 Cmake 3.7.1 Git for Windows 2.10.2 Git LFS 1.5.2 Node 6.9.1 Service Fabric SDK 2.3.311 Service Fabric 5.3.311 Typescript 2.0.6 for Visual… Read more

Agent-based deployment in Release Management

Agent-based deployment in Release Management Our approach in Release management so far has been to integrate with various deployment tools and platforms while providing rich control over the flow of bits, traceability, and auditability. When it comes to PaaS deployments, we have first-class integration with Azure, platform abstracts out the complexity. For IaaS deployments, we have… Read more

What’s new in Git for Windows 2.11?

Git for Windows v2.11.0 is out! Download it here (homepage is here). The new version corresponds to Git v2.11.0 (release notes are here, and our friends over at GitHub blogged about it, too). Apart from the improvements inherited from the “upstream Git” project, Git for Windows also updated some libraries to address security concerns, and dropped… Read more

Live Dependency Validation in Visual Studio 2017

Last month we announced that Visual Studio “Dev15” Preview 5 now supported Live Dependency Validation. In this blog post, I’ll give you an update about: an on-demand //connect 2016 video we’ve recorded about Live Dependency Validation improvements in the experience in Visual Studio 2017 RC known issues: what did not make it for RC, but… Read more

Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform – Part 3: .NET Core, convergence, and cross-plat

[This is the 3rd post in the series on evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform. You can read the earlier posts here: Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform – Part 2, Evolving the Visual Studio Test Platform – Part 1] As .NET Core draws an ever-growing community of developers with existing assets and experiences, it… Read more