Renaming, aliasing or coalescing applications in Application Insights

Just saw a request on our internal AI alias on how to rename an application that is being monitored in Application Insights. For those of you that don’t want to read the entire post the directions can be summarized into: Stop Monitoring the application with the current name, remove the old application THEN create the… Read more

Release Management for Visual Studio 2013

DevOps is an increasingly important part of application lifecycle management and is a growing area of interest as businesses need to develop and deploy quality applications at a faster pace. As part of this increased focus, we’re excited to announce Release Management for Visual Studio 2013, a solution for .NET and Windows Server applications. Release… Read more

Just My Code for ASP.NET in Visual Studio 2013

Posting this on behalf of Patrick Nelson who is a developer on the Visual Studio Debugger team, and also thanks to Rob Paveza for his help with both of our post regarding JavaScript Just My Code Do you develop web apps? Do you hate when the debugger keeps stopping in code you don’t care about?… Read more

Case Study: Using froglogic for test UI automation with Java based applications and Microsoft Test Manager

In just the last month i have been asked three times for a case study or examples of how to test Java based systems using Microsoft Test Manager. Knowing one of the ALM MVPs, Marcel de Vries, is finishing up a very large Java project i reached out to him to find out how he… Read more

First public drill down of Application Insights at DevTeach Vancouver

  For the folks going to the largest developer conference in Canada, DevTeach;  you are in for a real treat as you will be first people on the planet to see Application Insights in anger as the DevTeach organizers have graciously added a session for this exciting new topic.  Unfortunately due to a family emergency… Read more

Implementing Deployment Markers in Application Insights

Application Insights is a set of services that integrates production monitoring data with development tools. In many of the demos you will see us opening the solution and code file directly from the production data. For instance in the screenshot below I can click on those blue dots it will take me directly to the… Read more

Announcing Application Insights Preview

Many folks have noticed I had practically stopped blogging. I have been working on one of the products Brian announced at the launch: Application Insights and as this service wasn’t in preview until today have not been able to blog about it. For those of you that weren’t able to make the launch, Application Insights… Read more

Load testing with Visual Studio Online – Launching Commercial Preview

As announced at Visual Studio 2013 launch, today we are launching the Commercial Preview for cloud-based load testing using Visual Studio Online (previously called Team Foundation Service). To get started, download Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 RTM. If you already have load tests that you run locally, you can run the same tests now using the service. If… Read more

Known issues with load testing in Visual Studio 2013

We hope you have downloaded  Visual Studio 2013 RTM and started using it to run your performance and load tests. One of the really cool features you should try out is the new cloud-based load testing we have introduced as part of Visual Studio 2013, which lets you generate load to test your app without… Read more