Hands on with Visual Studio for Mac – Part 2

Since the release of Visual Studio for Mac we’ve been amazed by the number of Mac developers using it to build native apps for Mac, iOS, and Android, using Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms; web sites and services using ASP.NET Core; and games using Unity. We’re also excited by the number of developers trying it for the… Read more

A Summer of ASP.NET: Catching up with .NET Web Developments

Summer 2015 has come and gone (in the northern hemisphere at least!), and four releases of ASP.NET have hit the internet in that time. With the Visual Studio 2015 release in July the team released ASP.NET 4.6, a major update for our ASP.NET frameworks and tooling. Additionally, ASP.NET 5 beta 5 was released with Visual… Read more

Walkthrough– Publishing an Extensibility Web Control Project Template (Part 2 of 2)

Introduction In Walkthrough– Publishing a Custom Web Control (Part 1 of 2) you learned to create and publish a custom web control. You created the extensibility project manually, a procedure with many steps. Now that you have an extensibility project template, you can publish it to the Visual Studio gallery. Anyone who wants to create… Read more

Walkthrough– Publishing a Custom Web Control (Part 1 of 2)

The Visual Studio 2010 SDK adds several project templates to Visual Studio that let you create and share custom controls. These are called extensibility projects. In addition to compiling the control, the extensibility project prepares it for publication by incorporating it into a VSIX extension. A VSIX control extension can be shared by publishing it… Read more