Using PerfWatson to report performance issues to Microsoft

By Selma Ikiz Would you like Visual Studio 2010 to be even faster? Would you like any performance issue you see to be  reported automatically without any hassle? Well now you can, with the new Visual Studio PerfWatson extension! Install this extension and help us deliver a faster Visual Studio experience. We’re constantly working to… Read more

Async CTP (SP1 Refresh)

By Robin Reynolds-Haertle This morning, we released an updated version of the Visual Studio Async CTP (SP1 Refresh) that’s compatible with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and Windows Phone 7! What Is the Visual Studio Async CTP (SP1 Refresh)? The Async CTP previews a language feature that is in the next version of Visual Basic and… Read more

F# Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4.1

By Jack Hu As the word “code-first” implies, the EF 4.1 offers a code centric data programming paradigm. From a coder’s point of view, it requires little effort to map a very clean object model to a database. This style of programming is idea for explorative, bottom-up kind fsharp programmers. Since EF 4 CTP4 release,… Read more

Quick Find extension in the Productivity Power Tools

We’re pleased to announce a new Quick Find (Ctrl+F) extension in the February release of the Productivity Power Tools.  This is the first version of the Quick Find extension and we are planning to make some improvements to it in future Power Tools releases, but this blog post describes the reasons for the extension, its… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Now Available

As of this week, Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is now available for download!  The service pack was released to MSDN subscribers on March 8 and became generally available on March 10.  SP1 includes fixes that improve reliability and address the most commonly-reported customer bugs.  It also adds some of the most requested feature improvements, including… Read more

Color Printing Extension Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Color Printing as a free extension for Visual Studio 2010!  By default, VS 2010 prints only in black and white; this extension restores support for printing code in color. Installation and Setup Installing Color Printing requires Visual Studio 2010 Pro, Premium, or Ultimate (the Express editions do… Read more

Using Visual Studio to build VB Windows Phone Applications

by Yang Xiao Today we are announcing the release to web (RTW) of Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools. This walkthrough demonstrates how easy and convenient it is to develop a VB Windows Phone application using the newly released tools. You’ll see that the many new IDE features in Visual Studio 2010, which help… Read more

Emacs Emulation Extension Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Emacs Emulation as a free extension for Visual Studio 2010!  This extension provides basic support for Emacs keybindings and text editing commands, very similar to the built-in Emacs keyboard layout in VS 2008.  Once the extension is installed you should be able to use familiar keyboard shortcuts… Read more

Patch Available for Cut or Copy displaying “insufficient memory” error in VS 2010

If you’re experiencing frequent “insufficient memory” errors when doing small cut or copy operations in Visual Studio 2010 RTM, please download this patch to see whether it resolves the issue. What are the symptoms of this bug? Attempting to cut or copy small to moderate amounts of text in Visual Studio 2010 RTM may incorrectly… Read more

Add References Faster with the new Add Reference Dialog in the Productivity Power Tools

Two weeks ago, we launched the Productivity Power Tools at TechEd North America and the response has been great with over 37000 downloads so far!  Many of you also may have noticed that an updated version of the Power Tools was released last week.  This update fixed an issue where the extension update check would… Read more