What’s new for iOS and Android developers using JavaScript?

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 RC this week, we’re introducing you to the latest and greatest release of the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO). In this release, we’re tackling the big problems – the issues we know you face every day as mobile developers. They fall into two major themes: Fast,… Read more

Create high quality mobile apps with Ionic & Visual Studio

Are you a web developer building mobile applications today? Are you considering joining the ranks of web developers moving beyond the mobile web to mobile app development? If so, then we have a treat for you – a new set of Visual Studio templates, building on top of the Apache Cordova platform, Ionic UI framework,… Read more

Build Ionic Apps in Minutes with VS Code

With our Cordova Tools Extension for Visual Studio Code, you can use your existing web skills to build cross-platform hybrid mobile applications for iOS, Android, and other platforms. This means that you can create and maintain one project to target millions of potential customers using various mobile devices. One of the most popular JavaScript hybrid… Read more

Apache Cordova development lands on Visual Studio Code

Thousands of developers already use Visual Studio’s Tools for Apache Cordova—affectionately abbreviated as “TACO”—to build mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using a shared JavaScript codebase. Within the IDE, TACO provides everything you need to install and configure the native SDKs, preview your app, debug on emulators and devices, and even manage continuous integration/deployment… Read more

Top News from October-December 2015, Part 2

In Part 1 of this post I shared news from the fall on Visual Studio, .NET, ASP.NET, and languages. Here I’ll conclude the roll-up with news around Connect(); //2015, cross-platform development,. Visual Studio Code, Windows 10, and a little more. Connect(); //2015: Our second Connect(); event was, to my mind, even more impressive than the… Read more

Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Update 5

Welcome to the new year and a new Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO) update! We just released Update 5 of the tools for you—full details are in the release notes—and we’ve created a new developer blog that you can follow to keep up to date with tips, tricks, and articles from our development… Read more

Announcing the Intune App SDK

One of the challenges enterprises face in a cloud-first, mobile-first world is protecting sensitive data in the face of an increasing number of business critical mobile apps running on employee owned devices. To help tackle these challenges, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is designed to help organizations manage mobile devices and applications. This is achieved… Read more

SAP Fiori Mobile Apps and Tools for Apache Cordova

Cordova makes it easy to build an app for iOS, Android, and Windows using web technologies. Although Blank project templates in Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova provide all the raw materials to build your basic “Hello World”, you have also told us that you would like to see richer starting points. We have covered… Read more

New Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Documentation Site and Beginner’s Guide

Earlier this summer, the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova moved to an open documentation model to engage developers like you to help create an amazing hybrid mobile app development experience. We believed at that time that Apache Cordova was the future of mobile development, and we believe it now as we continue investing our… Read more

Survey: Are you using the Tools for Apache Cordova?

In July, we released the first version of our Tools for Apache Cordova. Since then we’ve been busy improving the tools, focusing on issues reported by our users. We’ve also talked with many, many developers about these tools and Cordova development in general, to see how we can make the mobile development world a little… Read more