Committing with Confidence: Getting Code Quality Information at Commit Time

Many developers tell us that they are under pressure to deliver software on an ever-faster cadence. This pressure for increased speed makes building your software at high quality from the start even more important – you want to make sure that any commits you make to your codebase are at the right quality, to avoid… Read more

Continuous Delivery Tools adds support for Containers

Last week at //BUILD, the Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio shipped a new update. As always we are continuing to expand the extension’s set of features guided by your feedback. The enthusiasm and feedback has validated just how much opportunity there is to help you continuously deliver value to your users. Apart from bug… Read more

Automatically build and deploy ASP.NET Core projects to Azure App Services

Over the last few updates we’ve been working on evening out our support for popular scenarios. Earlier this month we added support for setting up an automated DevOps pipeline in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) that pulls source from a public or private GitHub repository. TFVC is another scenario we’re working on to round out… Read more

Continuous Delivery Tools Extension for Visual Studio 2017

DevOps is all about getting your applications into customers’ hands quickly. The Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio is a new extension for Visual Studio 2017 that brings DevOps capabilities to the IDE. You can use the extension to setup an automated build, test, and release pipeline on Visual Studio Team Services, for an ASP.NET… Read more

New and Noteworthy Extensions for Visual Studio – March 2016

It was great to see the excitement around last month’s post and I heard from many of you that you have discovered some new extensions. March has been another great month for the Visual Studio ecosystem. We added over 100 extensions to the Visual Studio Gallery. To help you enjoy this creativity from the community,… Read more

Find Your Favorite Visual Studio Extension

One of the greatest strengths of Visual Studio is the vibrancy of the partner ecosystem that surrounds it. There are thousands of extensions available for Visual Studio that enhance the editor experience, support new languages, add time-saving components to your toolbox, and integrate with other developer services. In the last year alone, over 1,000 free… Read more

Visual Studio Installer Projects Extension

UPDATE 6/12/2014: We have released the final version of this extension – v1.0.0.0. This release addresses: Warnings when building with Microsoft.bcl.async Error 2727 occuring with more than 1 content file Some cases of the 0x8000000A when using the command line Unfortunately we couldn’t address all cases of the command line issue for this release as we’re… Read more