News and Announcements at Connect(); //2015

Today we held the Connect(); //2015 event in New York, where we introduced many new products and features that we’ve been working on. In this post I’ll share the highlights with you, and you can watch the Connect(); event along with many additional on-demand videos on Visual Studio Code beta release. In this beta… Read more

Visual Studio Partners with Unity, Unreal, and Cocos2d Game Engines

A moment ago, Soma blogged that today we’re announcing that Visual Studio has partnerships with three of the top gaming engine providers: Unity Technologies (creators of Unity3D), Epic Games (creators of Unreal), and Chukong Technologies (creators of Cocos2d). The gist of the partnerships is that these three gaming platforms will provide an easy way to… Read more

Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.2 Beta Released

It’s been a while since we released Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 (PTVS), and in that time the team has been working on Azure Machine Learning and the Python Client library. But we haven’t forgotten about PTVS. We’ve been working on some of the most popular requests from users, and today we are releasing… Read more