Visual Studio IntelliCode expands AI-assisted coding to Python in Visual Studio Code

Today at the EuroPython conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, we are introducing support for Python in the IntelliCode extension for Visual Studio Code, as well as new improvements in editing for Python developers in Visual Studio Code. AI-assisted IntelliSense for Python At Microsoft Build 2018, we first announced IntelliCode, a set of AI-assisted capabilities to improve… Read more

Getting Started with Microsoft’s Python Developer Tools

Microsoft’s teams have been working over the last few years to bring Python developer tools to the Azure cloud and our most popular developer tools: Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. Python is one of the fastest growing languages, with both beginner and expert developers taking to it. What makes it attractive is its easy-to-learn… Read more

Run book Run! From physical paper to executable online books

Have you ever wanted to run the code samples while reading a book? Without having to first download the sample code, its runtime, and configure your environment so that everything is setup the way you need it? What if you could be reading a book, and immediately execute (and change!) the code without needing to… Read more

A Lap Around Python in Visual Studio 2017

We’re delighted to announce that our rich Python toolchain is fully available in Visual Studio 2017. Installation of Python tools, interpreters, runtimes, and numerous other features are directly integrated into the Visual Studio 2017 installer. Just select the Python development or Data science and analytical applications workloads, both of which let you select specific interpreters… Read more

Build Intelligent Apps Faster with Visual Studio and the Data Science Workload

I’m excited to announce that the Data Science and analytics applications workload is available today in Visual Studio 2017. It had made a brief appearance in preview releases of Visual Studio, but had to be delayed while we completed localization and accessibility work. But now it’s once again ready for you. The Data Science (or… Read more

10 things you should try on the leap day

It’s February 2016 and so those of us on the Gregorian calendar get to enjoy an extra day in the month! What will you do in those 24 bonus hours? How about learning some new tools and technologies? Here are ten great suggestions—OK, eleven! It is a leap year, so it’s a leap list: Get… Read more

PyCon 2015 in review

A couple weeks ago we headed off to PyCon 2015. If you missed PyCon, there is another opportunity to come see us. PyData Seattle is hosted at Microsoft’s Redmond campus in July 24-26. The call for proposals and early-bird registration are still open, so if you’re a data scientist using Python or simply interested in… Read more

PyCon 2015: April 8-16

Many Visual Studio blog readers probably don’t know that Visual Studio has great support for Python or that Azure Machine Learning lets you write in Python, and I’m betting even fewer of you know that our Python Tools team is heading to PyCon Montreal. We’ll be there to hang out with other people who love… Read more

Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.2 Beta Released

It’s been a while since we released Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 (PTVS), and in that time the team has been working on Azure Machine Learning and the Python Client library. But we haven’t forgotten about PTVS. We’ve been working on some of the most popular requests from users, and today we are releasing… Read more

Python Tools 2.1 for Visual Studio

The final release of Python Tools 2.1 for Visual Studio (PTVS) is available for download. PTVS is available for Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012, and Visual Studio 2013. In addition to the other features listed below, PTVS 2.1 supports the free Visual Studio Express for Web and Express for Windows Desktop editions as well… Read more