Walkthrough– Publishing an Extensibility Web Control Project Template (Part 2 of 2)

Introduction In Walkthrough– Publishing a Custom Web Control (Part 1 of 2) you learned to create and publish a custom web control. You created the extensibility project manually, a procedure with many steps. Now that you have an extensibility project template, you can publish it to the Visual Studio gallery. Anyone who wants to create… Read more

Visual Studio Managed Multi-Targeting: Part 2: Multi-Targeting in Action

Now that we have gone through some key concepts in the previous part in this series, before we go any further in terms of detailed technical concepts, it would be nice to have some “mental visual model” of how multi-targeting impacts almost all project related scenarios in Visual Studio 2010 and thus benefits the users…. Read more

Visual Studio Managed Multi-Targeting: Part 1: Concepts: Target Framework Moniker, Target Framework

In prior versions of Visual Studio, before Visual Studio 2010, the projects could only target .NET Framework versions v2.0, v3.0 and v3.5 therefore it was, mostly, sufficient to identify a framework only with its version. This is changing with Visual Studio 2010 – now projects will be able to target not only current versions of… Read more

Announcing: Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer extension

We have received much feedback asking for a feature that would recursively collapse nodes in the solution explorer. We are happy to announce the Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer extension! What is the Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer extension? Many Visual Studio users have a solution tree structure with multiple projects and solution folders that… Read more

How to create a great online project template (or how to make applications that speak)

Like the project templates installed with Visual Studio, online project templates enable people to easily start creating various applications. It’s not just Microsoft that creates these templates — anyone can create an online template and publish it at the Visual Studio Gallery.  Once it’s published, developers can access online project templates by clicking File->New->Project in… Read more

Why does Visual Studio 2010 convert my projects?

Hi, I am Richa Prasad and I am the Program Manager for the Project System team. This means that I work on many features for managing projects and solutions. One such feature is the conversion process. We have recently received many requests for making the conversion process optional; i.e. supporting the ability to open old… Read more

How to: Retarget a project using DTE

The upcoming .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 (now in RC) has a lot of exciting new features. From BigInt and parallel libraries, to code contracts, CLR side by side, a new project system for C++ and multi-targeting. Just to name a few. There is much more. No matter what features you are the… Read more

How to read/write the new Visual C++ project properties

Visual C++ 2010 introduces several new project and tool properties, and deprecates some old ones.  If you’re writing a project template or Visual Studio extension that needs to programmatically read and write the new properties, you will find that these properties are not available on the standard VCConfiguration, VCCLCompilerTool, etc. set of interfaces.  These are… Read more