7 Hidden Gems in Visual Studio 2017

I’ve been working on developer tooling for over 16 years, and I still love it when I find a new tip or trick that shaves seconds off a repetitive task. The set below are features that I see infrequently used but can save loads of time! Gem #1 – Expression Evaluator Format Specifiers The part… Read more

Visual Studio Hidden Gems

Visual Studio is a powerful IDE with hundreds of productivity features to empower developers to do more, faster. I joined the Visual Studio team about a year ago, and here are some of the great things I’ve discovered. These are all in Visual Studio 2015, and some have been there for a few versions now… Read more

Improving Find & Replace in Visual Studio 11 Beta

In our previous blog post, we introduced the new Find control we are building in Visual Studio.  Our goal was to streamline and modernize the vast array of Find experiences and provide a lightweight mechanism to search within documents. With the huge number of responses we received from the Developer Preview, we knew that our… Read more

Private Extension Galleries for the Enterprise

In Visual Studio 2010, we introduced a feature called the Extension Manager – a new dialog that connects to the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery to help a customer easily select and install extensions to Visual Studio from right inside the IDE.   Since then, enterprise customers have frequently asked us to provide a way for… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Quick Launch

In the past, finding things deep in the IDE has been a challenge. Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview introduces search abilities at almost every level of the product. Perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of Quick Launch which specifically addresses how to dig inside Visual Studio to find features you need. Let’s take a… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Find & Replace

In Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview we’ve streamlined and modernized our vast array of Find experiences.  Find and Replace is now a lightweight control within documents, delivering incremental search results as you type.  The Find and Replace in Files dialog has been simplified while at the same time gaining additional functionality such as Find Next… Read more

Quick Find extension in the Productivity Power Tools

We’re pleased to announce a new Quick Find (Ctrl+F) extension in the February release of the Productivity Power Tools.  This is the first version of the Quick Find extension and we are planning to make some improvements to it in future Power Tools releases, but this blog post describes the reasons for the extension, its… Read more

Emacs Emulation Extension Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Emacs Emulation as a free extension for Visual Studio 2010!  This extension provides basic support for Emacs keybindings and text editing commands, very similar to the built-in Emacs keyboard layout in VS 2008.  Once the extension is installed you should be able to use familiar keyboard shortcuts… Read more

Document Well 2010 Plus

[Update 6/21/2010]: Please go to this blog post where I describe even more configuration options that are available for this extension.[Update 7/20/2010]: Updated changes made for version 10.0.10710.22 of the Pro Power Tools. Please take a look at the changelog. For some time, the behavior of tabs in Visual Studio’s document well has been a… Read more

Three New Managed Package Framework features for Visual Studio 2010

This post describes three new features that have been added to the Managed Package Framework (MPF) version 10.0 in Visual Studio 2010. These features are available to anyone developing extensions in managed code for Visual Studio 2010. To get started building extensions for Visual Studio, start by visiting the Visual Studio Extensibility Developer Center on… Read more