What’s New and Improved with the SlowCheetah Extension

We are delighted to announce the latest release of the SlowCheetah extension for Visual Studio. For those who are new to SlowCheetah, it’s an extension that lets you easily add transforms that enable different app settings, connection strings and more for different build configurations. You can read more here. In this release, we’ve made several… Read more

Roaming Extension Manager: Control and Consistency down to the last Extension

[UPDATED 7/31] On 7/31 we released an update to the extension. This update includes notifications for extensions, and a change in the UI where the status icons (installed / roaming) are on the left. [Original Post] On July 28th, we released Roaming Extension Manager, an extension that will help you better manage your Visual Studio… Read more

Announcing the GitHub Extension for Visual Studio

Today, Steven Guggenheimer announced Microsoft’s collaboration with GitHub and introduced several projects that make it easier for developers on GitHub to work with Visual Studio and Azure. In particular, the GitHub Extension for Visual Studio released today by GitHub lets you clone your existing GitHub repositories, create new repositories, and navigate to important GitHub features… Read more

GitHub Integration in Developer Assistant

Developer Assistant for Visual Studio is a productivity plugin that brings the combined power of Bing Code Search capabilities and contextual help to day-to-day developer problems, like resolving code errors and searching for projects and code samples. Developer Assistant has taken a big leap with integration of GitHub in the latest version. GitHub hosts the… Read more

Enhancements in Bing Developer Assistant March Update

In December 2014 we released the RTM version of Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio. This extension combines the power of Sample Browser and Bing Code Search to make it easy for you to find and reuse over 19 million code snippets and sample projects. Last month, we improved the user experience of Bing Developer… Read more

Improving HTML Accessibility with Visual Studio Extensions

As a step on the path of enabling software for all audiences and abilities, we’re happy to share a new Visual Studio extension that leverages Tenon’s HTML accessibility checker service. With this extension, we’ve made it easier for developers to detect and resolve common HTML-based user interface accessibility issues. Unlike some other web-based accessibility checking… Read more

Using AngularJS in Visual Studio 2013

We continually strive to make the JavaScript editing experience better, part of this is providing support for popular libraries and patterns used by developers. AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and you’ve asked for even better support for it in Visual Studio. This post illustrates how to improve your experience in Visual… Read more

Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio

Today we are releasing the RTM version of Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio! To get started, download Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio 2013 or Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio 2012 from the Visual Studio Extension Gallery. This extension provides smart, contextual help to solve every day dev problems like searching for projects,… Read more

Announcing Update to Productivity Power Tools 2013

Today, we’re releasing an update to Productivity Power Tools 2013 on the Visual Studio Gallery. In this release, we fixed a number of customer-reported bugs and issues, and introduced a new feature called syntactic line compression. Syntactic line compression enables you to make better use of your screen’s vertical real-estate. It shrinks lines that contain… Read more

Visual Studio Installer Projects Extension

UPDATE 6/12/2014: We have released the final version of this extension – v1.0.0.0. This release addresses: Warnings when building with Microsoft.bcl.async Error 2727 occuring with more than 1 content file Some cases of the 0x8000000A when using the command line Unfortunately we couldn’t address all cases of the command line issue for this release as we’re… Read more