Source Control Showcase: Integrating Subversion and Perforce into Visual Studio 2017

Last year, we highlighted the new extensibility points for our source control providers. These hooks allowed them to take advantage of our start page and status bar to provide their users a more integrated experience in Visual Studio. Two of our partners, VisualSVN and Perforce, have taken advantage of this opportunity and we’re excited to… Read more

Extensibility in Visual Studio “15”: Increasing Reliability and Performance

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that in Visual Studio “15” we’ve been focused on making our developer tools easier to install, increasing performance, and enhancing developer productivity. We’ve been doing the same for extensions, and it’s time to talk a bit more about the implications of these changes both on extension authors… Read more

Macros extension: VS 2015 support and open-sourced

Macros have always been popular, first as part of the product, and now as an extension. In response to your feedback we have upgraded the Macros for Visual Studio 2013 extension to be compatible with Visual Studio 2015. You can download the upgraded extension from the Visual Studio Gallery. But wait, there’s more! As part… Read more

New and Noteworthy Extensions for Visual Studio – April 2016

In April the community added another 100 new Visual Studio extensions to the Visual Studio Gallery. To help you enjoy this creativity from the community, every month or two I’ll be introducing some of the new extensions that caught my eye. Here are the highlights for this month: Open in Notepad++ (Good old Notepad++) File… Read more

New and Noteworthy Extensions for Visual Studio – March 2016

It was great to see the excitement around last month’s post and I heard from many of you that you have discovered some new extensions. March has been another great month for the Visual Studio ecosystem. We added over 100 extensions to the Visual Studio Gallery. To help you enjoy this creativity from the community,… Read more

New and Noteworthy Visual Studio Extensions – Feburary 2016

Last month I showed you a few of my favorite Visual Studio extensions that give great examples of how developers add new features to Visual Studio. With such a vibrant ecosystem around Visual Studio, new extensions are added almost every day—in fact, over 135 new extensions have been added to the Visual Studio Gallery already… Read more

Find Your Favorite Visual Studio Extension

One of the greatest strengths of Visual Studio is the vibrancy of the partner ecosystem that surrounds it. There are thousands of extensions available for Visual Studio that enhance the editor experience, support new languages, add time-saving components to your toolbox, and integrate with other developer services. In the last year alone, over 1,000 free… Read more

Introducing the Project System Extensibility Preview

[Update 6/4: We’ve updated this post to clarify the roadmap of this project to become part of the Visual Studio SDK, once it moves past the Preview phase.] We are very pleased and excited to announce the availability of the Project System Extensibility Preview. With it, you can define a new project type and begin… Read more

Extending Visual Studio 2015

When we decided to expand Visual Studio 2015 in the hopes of making it *the* premier platform for cross-platform development, we acknowledged that the ability for our customers to extend, customize, and generally make it their own was absolutely, critically important. It is a win-win: make an extension and you get a product or tailored… Read more