Update for Extension Authors: VSIX Manifest Version Range Attribute

In Visual Studio 2010 we introduced a new deployment model for extensions, the VSIX format. This format is based on the Open Packaging Conventions and enables extension developers to create a single package that can be easily installed by Visual Studio and contain all the appropriate files to describe the extension. For Visual Studio 2012… Read more

Extension Analyzer V3

Extension Analyzer is an Extension to Visual Studio 2010 that allows browsing several extensibility entities inside of Visual Studio. It also allows diagnosing several common errors loading extensions by reporting information from logging services inside Visual Studio. The Extensibility team in Visual Studio has recently added several exciting features to the Extension Analyzer tool. In… Read more

Walkthrough– Publishing an Extensibility Web Control Project Template (Part 2 of 2)

Introduction In Walkthrough– Publishing a Custom Web Control (Part 1 of 2) you learned to create and publish a custom web control. You created the extensibility project manually, a procedure with many steps. Now that you have an extensibility project template, you can publish it to the Visual Studio gallery. Anyone who wants to create… Read more

Walkthrough– Publishing a Custom Web Control (Part 1 of 2)

The Visual Studio 2010 SDK adds several project templates to Visual Studio that let you create and share custom controls. These are called extensibility projects. In addition to compiling the control, the extensibility project prepares it for publication by incorporating it into a VSIX extension. A VSIX control extension can be shared by publishing it… Read more

How to create a great online project template (or how to make applications that speak)

Like the project templates installed with Visual Studio, online project templates enable people to easily start creating various applications. It’s not just Microsoft that creates these templates — anyone can create an online template and publish it at the Visual Studio Gallery.  Once it’s published, developers can access online project templates by clicking File->New->Project in… Read more

Custom Extension Types with VSIX

DISCLAIMER: While the following technique is supported in Visual Studio 2010, the interfaces and methods exposed by Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.dll are likely to change in future Visual Studio releases. If you create an extension that relies on Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensionManager.dll, there is no guarantee that your extension binary will work on future Visual Studio releases without code changes. If… Read more

Creating and Sharing Project & Item Templates

One of the great new features we added in Visual Studio 2010 is the ability to easily find and consume online Project and Item templates without leaving the New Project/Item dialog. What may not be so obvious is how to go from a piece of code you want to share to a template contained in… Read more

How VSIX extensions are discovered and loaded in VS 2010

VSIX is the new technology used for deploying extensions in Visual Studio 2010. The primary goal of this new technology is to encourage extension creation and consumption by easing the management (“management” meaning Browsing/Installing/Uninstalling/Enabling/Disabling) of Visual Studio extensions. To take full advantage of the VSIX installer for deploying your extensions, it helps to know a… Read more