Announcing the Solution Navigator

We are very excited to announce the first release of Solution Navigator, a new tool that merges functionality from Solution Explorer, Class View, Object Browser, Call Hierarchy, Navigate To, and Find Symbol References into a single view. This view can be surfaced as a tool window or, for C# and VB, an interactive tooltip. The… Read more

WPF in Visual Studio 2010 – Part 5 : Window Management

This is the fifth article in the WPF in Visual Studio 2010 series. This week, guest author Matthew Johnson presents a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Visual Studio’s innovative window management system. – Paul Harrington Background Several people have expressed interest in how much effort was required to write a WPF window management system that supports… Read more

Changing Visual Studio’s Color Palette

[Update 2/9/2010] The RC version of the extension is now available (using the same link).  Users who installed this extension for Beta 2 and customized the theme for VS2010 Beta 2 : If you have installed VS2010 RC on the same computer, you may experience a “rainbow colored” VS.  To remedy this problem, please do one… Read more