Getting Information About Objects, Types, and Members with Expression Trees

Starting with C# 3.0 and Visual Studio 2008, you can use expression trees to get information about objects, types, and members. In this post I’m going to show some examples and explain what benefits you can get by using this technique. If you are not familiar with expression trees, I would recommend reading Charlie Calvert’s… Read more

Product registration for the About Box in Visual Studio 2010 and the deprecation of IVsInstalledProduct interface

In this article I’ll talk about the information that needs to be specified by a product integrating with Visual Studio to make that product appear in the About box dialog, and the changes to these settings for Visual Studio 2010. You are probably familiar by now with the layout of the Visual Studio’s About Box… Read more

Changing Visual Studio’s Color Palette

[Update 2/9/2010] The RC version of the extension is now available (using the same link).  Users who installed this extension for Beta 2 and customized the theme for VS2010 Beta 2 : If you have installed VS2010 RC on the same computer, you may experience a “rainbow colored” VS.  To remedy this problem, please do one… Read more

Codecast interviews about the Editor and Extensibility

  Happy holidays everyone!  Chris Granger and I met up with Ken Levy the other day to talk about the new Editor and VS Extensibility. Ken is responsible for the code cast interviews at code magazine.  Chris and I sat down with Ken to discuss the Editor, the SDK, the Extension Manager, VSIX and some… Read more

What’s A PkgDef? And Why?

A .pkgdef file is way to encapsulate application configuration information in an easily editable, distributable, and deployable form. It was introduced in Visual Studio 2008 SP1 to support the configuration of Isolated Shell applications. In Visual Studio 2010, .pkgdef files take on a more expanded role and are much more integrated into both the IDE… Read more

Customizing Visual Studio 2010

Don’t like where a button is by default?  Go ahead and move it.  To speed up your workflow, add handy commands to a context menu.  To reduce clutter, remove commands that you never use.  Yes, customizing the UI can take a little while to get it just right, but doing so will provide you with… Read more

Developer Tools Ecosystem Summit Videos Now Available!

Video recordings of the talks that were given at the 2009 Developer Tools Ecosystem Summit have just been posted on Channel 9.  There are some great talks on topics ranging from VSX basics, to the extending the new Editor, to deploying and sharing your extensions on the Visual Studio Gallery.  Check them out and let… Read more

Building and publishing an extension for Visual Studio 2010

Quan To – Program Manager, Visual Studio Platform Team Short Bio: Quan is responsible for the Extension Manager and Visual Studio SDK.  Quan has been with Microsoft for over ten years and has also spent time working on the Tablet PC Team and the Visual Studio Deployment team. Visual Studio 2010 supports more platforms and languages out… Read more

Bootstrapping of VS packages and VSIX extensions in VS2010

Dmitry Goncharenko: Developer, Visual Studio Platform Short bio: Dmitry has been at Microsoft for about 10 years working on several areas of Visual Studio. For Visual Studio 2010, he helped to design and implement PkgDef management, VSIX technologies, and hosting of MEF components. Visual Studio 2010 uses two technologies to make it much simpler to… Read more

Upcoming VS Platform MSDN Webcasts

[Update:  The Introduction to Visual Studio 2010 Extensibility has been moved to 12/16 @ 10 a.m.  Please update your calendars to reflect this change.]  I wanted to announce two upcoming MSDN Webcasts that will be presented by Visual Studio Platform PMs, Weston Hutchins and Chris Granger.  Both of these are introductory level talks focused on… Read more