Tuning C++ build parallelism in VS2010

A great way to get fast builds on a multiprocessor computer is to take advantage of as much parallelism in your build as possible. If you have C++ projects, there’s two different kinds of parallelism you can configure. What are the dials I can set? Project-level parallel build, which is controlled by MSBuild, is set… Read more

MSBuild 4 Detailed Build Summary

Introduction When we were developing the current version of MSBuild, we spent a lot of time analyzing builds to determine where our performance issues lay. The standard logging, even on diagnostic verbosity and with the performance summary enabled (/clp:PerformanceSummary=true on the MSBuild command line) doesn’t give us the kind of information we desired. What we… Read more

Creating and Sharing Project & Item Templates

One of the great new features we added in Visual Studio 2010 is the ability to easily find and consume online Project and Item templates without leaving the New Project/Item dialog. What may not be so obvious is how to go from a piece of code you want to share to a template contained in… Read more

Second patch now available for IntelliSense crashes in VS 2010 RC

We recently blogged about a crashing bug in the Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate (RC) on machines using UI Automation (UIA).  We’ve since discovered that there are actually two bugs, both of which will only affect a certain group of users but will cause the IDE to be very unstable for those users.  Both of… Read more

WPF in Visual Studio 2010 – Part 2 : Performance tuning

This post, the second in a series of articles on Visual Studio 2010’s use of WPF, covers tips and techniques for optimizing performance of WPF applications, and also several areas where we needed to tune Visual Studio 2010 in order to squeeze the best out of WPF. The first post in the series covered the… Read more

Marshal.ReleaseComObject Considered Dangerous

This post describes a problem we encountered and solved during the development of Visual Studio 2010 when we rewrote some components in managed code. In this post I’ll describe the problem and what we did to solve it. This is a rather lengthy technical discussion and I apologize in advance for its dryness. It’s not… Read more

My Visual Studio 2008 is broken after uninstalling .NET Framework 4.0

  If you find out that after trying out one of the beta versions of the new Visual Studio 2010 and uninstalling it together with the .NET Framework 4 or uninstalling only .NET Framework 4, every time you try to load a project on Visual Studio 2008 you face the following error:   “Unable to… Read more

How to: Retarget a project using DTE

The upcoming .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 (now in RC) has a lot of exciting new features. From BigInt and parallel libraries, to code contracts, CLR side by side, a new project system for C++ and multi-targeting. Just to name a few. There is much more. No matter what features you are the… Read more