Covariance and Contravariance FAQ

In this post I’ll try to answer the most common questions I find on forums and in documentation feedback about C# covariance and contravariance. It’s a big topic for a single blog post, so expect to see a lot of “more information” links. Special thanks to Eric Lippert and Chris Burrows for reviewing and providing… Read more

WPF in Visual Studio 2010 – Part 1 : Introduction

This is the first part in a seven part series. Links to the other parts are included at the bottom of this post. Now that the Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2010 is publicly available, we’ve started receiving questions from inquisitive users about how Visual Studio 2010 itself was built. In particular, one questioner wanted to… Read more

If your build fails with “MSB6002: The command-line for the “ResGen” task is too long”

UPDATE: This issue is fixed in .NET 4.5. As always, feedback is welcome! Please leave your comments in this blog post and report any bugs on Microsoft Connect.   If you have the RC build of VS2010, you are targeting the 3.5, 3.0, or 2.0 Framework, you have a VB or C# project which has… Read more

CodeBlog: Writing a Blogging Extension for Visual Studio 2010

Have you ever wanted to quickly share a code sample to Twitter or your blog without leaving Visual Studio?  Steve Apiki walks through how to create an extension for Visual Studio 2010 that does just that. Walkthrough: His walkthrough touches on a number of extensibility options inside Visual Studio 2010 such as: How to… Read more

CodeCast Interview: VS 2010 Shell with Weston Hutchins

Ken Levy and I sat down last week to chat about the new VS 2010 IDE and some of the great features we’ve added for this release.  From the CodeCast site: “In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Weston Hutchins, program manager on the Visual Studio Shell team (team responsible for the core IDE… Read more

Content Load Error: Breaking Changes for Beta2 Start Pages

Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 custom Start Pages will fail to load in Visual Studio 2010 RC due to WPF namespaces changes caused by Shell assembly refactoring between the Beta2 and RC releases.  Specifically Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.UI.dll has been split between Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.10.0.dll and a new assembly, Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.StartPage.dll. If you have created a customized Start Page with Beta2 and… Read more

IntelliSense Crash in VS 2010 RC when using UI Automation

UPDATE:  There is now a patch available for this issue in the VS 2010 RC.  If you’re experiencing frequent crashing when IntelliSense pops up or is dismissed, please download this patch to see whether it resolves the issue.  This bug has also been fixed for VS 2010 RTM. Shortly before the Visual Studio 2010 Release… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Now Available!

If you haven’t read the news on other notable MSDN blogs, I’m pleased to announce that the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Release Candidates are now available for download!  Currently the downloads are only available to MSDN subscribers, but they will be released to the public this Wednesday, February 10th.  This release includes… Read more

Visual Studio First Launch Sequence

With the upcoming Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate around the corner, I would like to talk briefly about some changes we have made to the first-launch-after-installation sequence. Many of you may notice that the first time you start VS after installing, once you have selected a profile, it takes a long time for the main… Read more

Announcement: Unpublishing Extensions from Beta 2 to RC

UPDATE 2/8: I forgot to mention a change to the VSIX file format in the Release Candidate that might impact your extensions.  The valid <Edition> values (under <SupportedProducts>) have been updated to better reflect our SKU branding.  The only valid values for RC and RTM are: IntegratedShell, Pro, Premium, Ultimate, Express_All, VBExpress, VCSExpress, VWDExpress, VCExpress.  We have removed… Read more