A guide to .vcxproj and .props file structure

  If you inspect the contents of a .vcxproj file (the new VC++ project file format in VS2010) in notepad or in VS editor (by first unloading the project and then choosing “Edit Foo.vcxproj” from the context menu in Solution Explorer), you will see that the various top-level MSBuild elements are laid out in a… Read more

Announcing: Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer extension

We have received much feedback asking for a feature that would recursively collapse nodes in the solution explorer. We are happy to announce the Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer extension! What is the Collapse Selection in Solution Explorer extension? Many Visual Studio users have a solution tree structure with multiple projects and solution folders that… Read more

How to create a great online project template (or how to make applications that speak)

Like the project templates installed with Visual Studio, online project templates enable people to easily start creating various applications. It’s not just Microsoft that creates these templates — anyone can create an online template and publish it at the Visual Studio Gallery.  Once it’s published, developers can access online project templates by clicking File->New->Project in… Read more

Assembly Resolution in MSBuild and Visual Studio Series Introduction

Assembly references are an integral part of build process. When the assembly references passed to the compiler are correct everything works but when they are not projects stop building.  When this happens It can be frustrating to try and figure out why a reference was resolved from one location rather than another thereby causing the… Read more

If you are seeing intermittent crashes with VS 2010

Some customers have been reporting intermittent crashes while using Visual Studio 2010, particularly during file save and build. We haven’t tracked this down completely yet, but many of the crashes seem to be related to an out-of-date version of the AnkhSVN extension. The newest release (2.1.8420 – note correction – 8400 did not fix the… Read more

Building on Cross targeting scenarios and 64-bit MSBuild

UPDATE: Most issues around MSBuild support for cross-bitness and 64-bit builds are fixed in .NET 4.5. As always, feedback is welcome! Please leave your comments in this blog post and report any bugs on Microsoft Connect.   During the Visual Studio 2010 development cycle a push to make the build experience better on Cross compilation… Read more

Open thread: Extensibility is the future?

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 came a major improvement to the overall extensibility story of Visual Studio; the new editor. With the new editor VS was introduced to a Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) based API that opened up possibilities you could barely dream of in previous versions of VS. Inside of the editor… Read more

MSBuild Property Functions (2)

Some more information about this 4.0 feature. (I’ve also updated the first post with this, so everything’s in one place for your reference.) Built-in MSBuild functions The full list of built-in [MSBuild] functions, like the one above, are in the MSDN topic here. They include arithmetic (useful, for example, for modifying version numbers), functions to… Read more

Custom Build Steps, Tools, and Events

The VC++ build system is of course MSBuild based in VS 2010.  This automatically gives you a great deal more flexibility to customize your build than you had with .vcproj project files in prior releases.  We went out of our way to ensure that the .targets files that drive the build of a .vcxproj file… Read more

Start Extending Visual Studio 2010!

Visual Studio not only boasts a wide variety of tools to improve developer productivity, but it is also extremely extensible so that it can be tailored and customized to serve specifically your needs. In fact, one of the key benefits of Visual Studio 2010 is its improved extensibility story. With an easier deployment experience, more… Read more