VS 2010 Beta2: Workaround for Raster Font Settings Issue

In addition to making announcements, showcasing features, posting walkthroughs, and sharing Visual Studio tips and tricks, we’ll also be using this blog to raise awareness of commonly-encountered bugs and explain their workarounds.  As many of you know, we’ve rebuilt the editor using WPF for Visual Studio 2010.  This allows for a wealth of new visualizations… Read more


VSIX is a new technology created for deploying Visual Studio extensions.  It’s a zip file that uses the Open Packaging Convention.  By renaming the file extension of any .VSIX file to .ZIP, you can open up the file in Windows Explorer and take a look at the contents. I’ve written a separate post about the… Read more

Box Selection and Multi-Line Editing

I’m Brittany, a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Editor team.  Some of you may recognize me from Connect bugs, @VSEditor on Twitter, or the Visual Studio Editor blog, which has recently moved to its new home here at The Visual Studio Blog.  I’m responsible for a variety of Editor features, but most recently I… Read more

Toolbox Search

Hi, my name’s Josh and I’m a developer on the VS Shell team.  Among other things, I’m responsible for the Toolbox.  In VS 2010 Beta2, we’ve added the ability to search for controls in the toolbox by name.  To use it, put focus in the toolbox (by clicking in it, for example) and start typing… Read more

Visual Studio Sessions at PDC ‘09

The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) this year is in Los Angeles from November 17th to 19th. The PDC is an opportunity to mingle with architects and developers from the software industry and to listen to the leaders, heroes and legends from Microsoft and its industry partners. As well as workshops and training sessions, there are… Read more

Announcing the Visual Studio Blog!

Since this week is already filled with other notable launches, we figured it would be fitting to unveil one more important launch: The Visual Studio Blog!  Since the majority of our users are utilizing not just one, but multiple aspects of Visual Studio in their daily development, we wanted to take the same approach with… Read more

Dynamic in C# 4.0: Creating Wrappers with DynamicObject

In the previous post I showed how you can use the new dynamic feature and the ExpandoObject class to add and remove properties at run time, and how this can make your code more readable and flexible than code written with LINQ to XML syntax. But there were some obvious flaws in that example: While… Read more

Dynamic in C# 4.0: Introducing the ExpandoObject

You have probably already heard about the new dynamic feature in C# 4.0 and how it is used to support COM interop. If you haven’t, I strongly recommend reading the following MSDN articles: Using Type dynamic and How to: Access Office Interop Objects by Using Visual C# 2010 Features. Well, where else can you use… Read more

Generating Dynamic Methods with Expression Trees in Visual Studio 2010

Expression trees first appeared in Visual Studio 2008, where they were mainly used by LINQ providers. You can use expression trees to represent code in a tree-like format, where each node is an expression. You can also convert expression trees into compiled code and run it. This transformation enables dynamic modification of executable code as… Read more

How to use LINQ methods to compare objects of custom types

LINQ provides a convenient syntax and many useful methods for operating with collections of objects. However, to be correctly processed by LINQ comparison methods such as Distinct or Intersect, a type must satisfy certain requirements. Let’s take a look at the Distinct method, which returns all distinct objects from a collection. List<int> numbers = new… Read more