Become a Mobile Developer with Visual Studio 2017 and Xamarin University

Millions of developers around the world use the power of C# and .NET to deliver amazing apps. Whether you’re building for desktop with Windows Forms or UWP, or for the web with ASP.NET WebForms, or MVC, .NET’s flexible tools and frameworks help you ship software that solves almost any problem. In the mobile world, Visual… Read more

Apply Now for Microsoft’s Go Mobile Tech Workshops

This is your opportunity to bring Microsoft engineering experts to discuss app development and architecture best practices with your team 1:1  We’re excited to announce that the Microsoft engineering team is offering a limited number of technical sessions to help your team build better mobile apps faster. The Go Mobile Tech Workshops are 3 hour sessions dedicated to your team, covering everything from your technology… Read more

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.1 Preview and Windows 10 Creators Update SDK

It’s only been a week since we released Visual Studio 2017 and we’re already working on an update: Visual Studio 2017 version 15.1 Preview. This Update preview includes two main changes: improvements to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) tools to support the Creators Update SDK and the addition of the Python tools. For full details… Read more

Visual Studio 2017 Poster

Since we launched Visual Studio 2017 last week, hundreds of thousands of customers like you have already installed and started using Visual Studio 2017, and we’re excited to see what you create. Visual Studio 2017 contains so many new features. From productivity enhancements to new C++ capabilities. Start using our ASP.NET Core Tooling along with… Read more

Live Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

Live Unit Testing is present in the Enterprise edition of Visual Studio 2017 and it’s available for C# and VB projects that target the .NET Framework. [UPDATE 5/23/2017 : We now also support .NET Core Framework. Check out this post announcing .NET Core 2.0 Preview 1 to learn about it.] This is a more comprehensive… Read more

Iterations on infinity

Developers like you live with the Visual Studio icons every day: clicking on them multiple times, staring at them side by side on the taskbar, and seeing them attached to project files. So when we update them, it’s a big deal. After all, icons matter. For pictures that are at most just under a centimeter… Read more

Optimize your productivity with .NET in Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 makes you more productive by getting you to your code fast and helping you write code quickly. With improvements to performance, navigation, and debugging as well as the additions of new refactorings, code style configuration/enforcement, and live unit testing, this release is chock full of advancements. This post shows you how to… Read more

Redgate Data Tools in Visual Studio 2017

Today during the Visual Studio launch event, we announced that we’ve partnered with Redgate to include Redgate Data Tools in Visual Studio 2017. Redgate Data Tools includes three components that extend DevOps practices to SQL Server and Azure SQL databases and increase your productivity while doing database development. Here’s a brief overview of each of… Read more

New benefits for Visual Studio subscribers and Dev Essentials members

Today at the Visual Studio 2017 launch event we announced a set of new and updated benefits for our subscribers. If you missed any of the event or want to watch the on-demand trainings, check out the launch event page. If you’re a current Visual Studio subscriber or Dev Essentials program member activate your new… Read more

Mobile Center: Xamarin support, detailed app analytics, and more

Since our announcement of the Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview at Connect();,  we’ve had an amazing response from the developer community. I’d like to thank the thousands of you who’ve created accounts, kicked the tires of our lifecycle services, and provided feedback to help us create the simplest, most effective way to build, test, deploy,… Read more