Talk with our Apache Cordova Tooling team, live!

In the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova team, we’re always looking for ways to connect with developers using our tools to create mobile apps. Starting next week, we’re taking a cue from the ASP.NET team and trying a new format – live, weekly, community question and answer sessions via our site. We’ll be… Read more

Developer update for Microsoft Band

It’s been a year since we launched Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health. We’ve made a commitment to the developer community to make our ecosystem open and accessible on every platform. Since then, we delivered three developer tools around our devices and services: Microsoft Band SDK, Microsoft Band Web Tiles, and Microsoft Health Cloud APIs. And… Read more

Apache Cordova Face-to-Face Meeting, Fall 2015

Microsoft hosted an in-person meeting in mid-October for Apache Cordova committers and developers. The goal was to two-fold: (1) advance conversations around Apache Cordova’s future road map and (2) review the project health and, where necessary, create an action plan to address any quality issues identified by developers. The themes of the meeting included our… Read more

Visual Studio Update 1 RC

Today we released Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC, which builds on the Update 1 CTP we released three weeks ago. In addition to the features introduced in the CTP as described here, the Release Candidate includes the following: Go To Implementation. The feature many of you have been waiting for: just right-click on an… Read more

Writing and Using Custom Code in U-SQL – User-Defined Functions

In my last blog post, I introduced U-SQL as the new Big Data query language for the Azure Data Lake that unifies the benefits of SQL with the expressive power of your own code. Today we are announcing the availability of the Azure Data Lake in public preview. You can now try U-SQL in Visual… Read more

Top News for September 2015

Hello everyone! Every month we share some top stories from the previous month, and here’s our round-up for September. Open-source, cross-platform MSBuild: Continuing the open-source, cross-platform .NET story that is already well underway with .NET Core and the .NET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”), MSBuild is joining the fun as explained by Nikolai Tillmann. The sources are… Read more

Apache Cordova Customer Spotlight: WeatherPerfect

In this blog we typically share updates and improvements to Visual Studio itself. We also want to highlight examples of how developers use these tools to build compelling mobile apps. Meet Sverre Nøkleby, a developer from Norway who’s been building the very cool WeatherPerfect app using Apache Cordova. I interviewed him recently over Skype and… Read more

Microsoft Connect (); // 2015 Developer Event Set for November 18-19

Microsoft is a developer company, so there’s nothing we love more than connecting with developers to share our latest tools, technologies and plans for the future. I therefore invite you to set your calendar for November 18-19 for Connect (); // 2015 – when Microsoft hosts its premier fall developer event, streamed live and for… Read more

New Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Documentation Site and Beginner’s Guide

Earlier this summer, the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova moved to an open documentation model to engage developers like you to help create an amazing hybrid mobile app development experience. We believed at that time that Apache Cordova was the future of mobile development, and we believe it now as we continue investing our… Read more

The Road Ahead for the Feedback Channels

In two earlier posts (Visual Studio Customer Feedback Channels and A Day in the Life of Visual Studio Send a Smile Feedback) we talked about the different ways you could send us feedback for Visual Studio 2015 and I shared what happens with your Send a Smile feedback once it gets to Microsoft. In this… Read more