The Concurrency Visualizer Debuts with the Launch of VS2010!

Visual Studio 2010 is finally here and those of us who worked on the Concurrency Visualizer are thrilled about its debut (in VS2010 Premium and Ultimate)!  We truly hope that our hard work pays off for you, enabling you to solve your toughest parallel performance problems.  I’d like to thank everyone who has been reading this blog and watching our screencasts.  Rest assured, there will be much more content to come, as our product is just getting started!

Here’s a picture of our team, excited about the launch of Visual Studio 2010:


From left to right on the top row: Sasha Dadiomov, Mayank Agarwal, Ryan Nowak, Drake Campbell, James Rapp, Maria Blees, and Matt Jacobs

From left to right on the bottom row: Rick Ledoux, Daniel Griffing, Ben Nesson, Paulo Janotti, Bill Colburn, and Elisabeth Blees

Concurrency Visualizer team members not pictured: Hazim Shafi, Xinhua Ji, Jerry Higgins, Ed Essey, Isaac Chepkwony, James Wu, Lucas Fan, Sean Nordberg, and Jerry Zhang

In case you can’t make out the poster, it depicts the Threads View and reads “Visual Studio”.  The image for this poster was produced with Ryan’s Tracewriter App, which is available for download on Code Gallery, here.

Best of luck with your performance tuning and be sure to reach out to these forums for feedback and support:

Also see the Concurrency Developer Center for additional parallel computing content and links.

James Rapp – Parallel Computing Platform

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