Learning to Write in Parallel

When I first joined the Concurrency Visualizer team, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to make an application that could write messages on the Threads view?” I wasn’t alone, many of us had thought about it. It turns out to be not so hard. James wrote about the threads view three weeks ago, so refresh…


Author Intro: Ryan Nowak

Hi, I’m Ryan Nowak and I’m a Tester on the Parallel Computing Platform team at Microsoft. I’ve been at Microsoft for about a year and a half. My focus so far has been on automation and test infrastructure. Ryan Nowak – Parallel Computing Platform


Debugging Parallel applications in Visual Studio 2010

In addition to the concurrency visualizer feature that we have been blogging about here, there is great debugging support for parallel applications in Visual Studio 2010. I have created a lot of content for the parallel debugger windows (Parallel Tasks and Parallel Stacks) and have gathered all the links in one place. Check out my blog…


Author Intro: Daniel Moth

My name is Daniel Moth and I was asked to share a short bio, so here it is: I was born in Germany, grew up in Greece, spent 15 years in the UK and now live in the USA. I work for the Parallel Computing team here in the Developer Division at Microsoft.  For more…


Green Isn’t Always Good

One reason to use the Concurrency Visualizer is to maximally utilize system resources. To aid in this effort, it displays the execution of the program as green segments in its timeline. However, the Visualizer does not distinguish between the user’s work and any other work in the process, so seeing a lot of green doesn’t…


Author Intro: Matt Jacobs

My name is Matt Jacobs and I’m a developer on the Parallel Computing Platform team.  Born and raised in Westport, CT, I graduated from Brown University this past May and joined Microsoft in July.  I’m excited to share some the things I’ve learned on this blog, and I’d love to hear from you with comments…


Beginner’s Guide to Profiling Parallel Apps Part IV

Welcome to fourth and final installment of the "beginner’s guide" series.  In my previous entry, I discussed the "Threads" view of the Concurrency Visualizer.  In this entry, I will discuss the "Cores" view. Using the same set of results as the previous entries, I now navigate to the "Cores" view to find this: This view…


Beginner’s Guide to Profiling Parallel Apps Part III

Hello and welcome to the third installment of the "beginner’s guide" series.  While I discussed the "CPU Utilization" view last time, I will now discuss the "Threads" view in the profiler. Working with the same code as in my last post, I will now re-examine the performance from a different perspective.  I will take a…