GetCurrentProcess fails on Net 1.1 on Vista

This little snippet compiled with .Net 1.1:

using System;

using System.Diagnostics;


class Program


    static void Main(string[] args)




            Process c = Process.GetCurrentProcess();


            Process[] p = Process.GetProcessesByName(c.ProcessName);


        catch (Exception e)







will fail on Vista as standard user and hence filtered admin with this error:

{"Couldn't get process information from remote machine."}

Compiling it under 2.0 will get you passed it.



Comments (1)

  1. dpletea says:

    One solution for this code to work is to disable the UAC (User Acess Control). I am having this issue to an aplication that I developing right now and looking for altenative solutions without disabling UAC.

    — Dan

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