rundll32.exe appwiz.cpl,NewlInkHere is back

For some reason it was quite common to use an undocumented (and hence unsupported and we-can-pull-rug-underneath-at-any-time) export from the appwiz.cpl called newlinkhere. This export was removed in Vista. Since this was quite a popular export ( for it yourself, you’ll see) we decided at a late stage to put it back in. I haven’t verified it but it should be in the RTM version. You would use it like this:


 rundll32.exe appwiz.cpl,NewlInkHere



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  1. tordex says:

    Well, "rundll32.exe appwiz.cpl,NewlInkHere" is back. But now it is completely buggy!

    All it do now is  rename the folder into the shortcut name. It was better when NewlInkHere was removed.

  2. OrdinarySoft says:


    I spend 5 hours and find out following in Vista  rundll32.exe appwiz.cpl,NewlInkHere

    accept path to _FILE_ so under Vista you should –

    1. Create File.lnk

    2. Call  rundll32.exe appwiz.cpl,NewlInkHere  c:..File.lnk

    That’s all folks 🙂

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