MSI uninstall gives unsigned dialog

This week we again had the honor of getting the expert advise of one of the Windows Installer PMs (here and here). He mentioned that when uninstalling a signed msi package you still get the scary this-package-is-unsigned dialog. Reason is that the installer tosses out files from the cab it doesn’t need to save space. Obviously this will ruin the hash value and invalidate the signature.



Comments (4)

  1. We ran into an issue while testing the final build before we released the Windows Media Center SDK for

  2. ccutrer says:

    This is not just because the cab files got tossed out.  I’ve built an MSI with external cabs (signed correctly, of course), and verified that the cached .msi file still validates correctly (it didn’t when it got cached with embedded cabs), and this error still happens.  It also happens when you do a REINSTALLMODE=vomus for a small update… apparently it re-caches it before it runs the install, and for some reason it can’t read the certificate info from the cached MSI.

  3. Chris Runyan says:

    Has this been fixed yet?

  4. allanCm says:

    There is a way to fix this problem? Any workaround?

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