Visio Blog is moving to Tech Community

The Microsoft Visio Team Blog here on MSDN is moving to Tech Community. All MSDN blog posts have already been migrated and are accessible via This MSDN blog will no longer be updated, and its content will be deleted soon. If you are facing any difficulty in finding blogs you bookmarked earlier, please search in…


Collaborate on Visio files inside Microsoft Teams

Visio is very much a part of Microsoft’s strategy to streamline productivity and collaboration. This has meant bringing various Microsoft solutions, like Skype for Business, into Visio over the years. That effort continues today with Microsoft Teams. You can now view, edit, and collaborate on your Visio diagrams from inside Teams. Visio Online is the…


NPM package for Visio JavaScript APIs

Visio JavaScript APIs extend the capabilities of Visio Online by enabling developers to build rich mashup solutions to meet their organization’s specific needs. The solution needs to reference the Visio JavaScript library from the CDN location at, NPM is a JavaScript package manager and the visio-web-embedded.js is published as part of the Office NPM…


Bi-Directional process modeling with Visio and Excel

Overview Business analysts have the unique challenge of accurately depicting complex business processes which can assist an organization in becoming more effective. Business process mapping begins with requirement capturing from multiple stakeholders and goes through several iteration cycles before the final process diagram is documented. Two powerful tools that help a business analyst to accomplish…


Use Visio Online to make beautiful flowcharts

Visio Online can help you create structured flowcharts within minutes! All you need is your data and a flow in mind. Here’s how: 1. In Visio Online, select the Basic Flowchart diagram. 2. Drag and drop a shape from the Shapes panel to the canvas. 3. Hold the pointer over the shape until Auto-connect arrows…


Extend diagramming to IT with network diagrams in Visio Online

When we announced the general availability of Visio Online at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, we mentioned that cloud-first technologies would be our No. 1 focus for future Visio investments. Since then, we’ve listened to your feedback and developed several new Visio Online capabilities that address your most-requested asks while upholding our commitment to cloud-first solutions….


Thank you for trying out Visio Online Public Preview

We announced the general availability of Visio Online creation at the Microsoft Ignite conference and it has been available for subscription as part of the Visio Online Plan 1and Visio Online Plan 2. We are now ending the Public Preview of Visio Online as of 22nd January, 2018. We would like to thank every preview user for trying out Visio Online and…


All you need to know about Visio desktop connectors

Connectors are used to connect shapes in Visio. They are one of the most important elements of the diagram and are required to convey flow and relationship between shapes. Most diagrams, such as, flowcharts, org charts and hierarchy diagrams, need connectors. To draw a connector, on the Home tab, in the Tools group, select the Connector tool. Now you…


Share Visio diagrams with anyone

In the last post, One-click access to Visio Online, we described different ways to quickly access Visio Online. In this blog, we’ll discuss how our users can easily share their Visio diagrams with their team, partners, clients and other stakeholders inside or outside their organization. They will be able to view the shared drawings in…


New Visio Wireframes: Bring your products to life!

We are excited to announce the General Availability of brand new Website and Mobile App Wireframe Templates in Visio desktop! Now you can bring any project or product idea to life using the modern Visio wireframes, which can help you quickly visualize your website’s or app’s functionality and content. What can you do? Sleek low…