Our favorite Visio Tips & Tricks

For this blog post, we put together a list of some of our favorite Visio tips & tricks. Learn these to save time and improve the look of your diagrams. Quickly create evenly spaced shapes Let’s say you’d like to make a grid of shapes like the following: To create this, first make a copy…


Flowcharts in under a minute

Visio has several features that are designed to make it easy to create a diagram quickly. Here are three examples of ways to help you create a simple flowchart in under a minute. Example 1: Capture a flow quickly Let’s assume you have a pretty clear idea of what the steps are that you want…


Highlighting New Methods in Visio 2010

Saul Candib, a Microsoft technical writer for Visio, is writing a series of posts that highlight new members of the Visio 2010 object model on the Office Client Developer Content blog. In the first article, Saul shows how to use the Page.Dropconnected method to add a shape to the page, and connect it to an…


Visio Mailbag

We on the Visio product team receive lots of interesting questions from Visio users through our blog’s contact form. In this post, we’ll share our answers to several questions that we thought would be of interest to our blog readers. Q: I installed Visio 2010, but the BPMN shapes appear to be missing. Where can…


Microsoft Visio 2010: Business Process Diagramming and Validation (A Visio Book)

The Visio team would like to congratulate Visio MVP David Parker on his new book, Microsoft Visio 2010: Business Process Diagramming and Validation. This book provides an in-depth coverage of creating custom validation rules in Visio 2010. After reading Microsoft Visio 2010: Business Process Diagramming and Validation, a few key things were apparent. First, this…


How to create a strategy map using containers

The new Containers feature in Visio 2010 is great for adding structure and organization to Visio diagrams. In this post, we’ll walk through the creation of one diagram, the strategy map, which is easy to make using containers. The strategy map A strategy map is a way for companies to document their primary strategic objectives….


Roundup of Visio Services Documentation

Over the past few weeks Microsoft has released a ton of resources to help administrators and end-users get started with Visio Services. This article summarizes all the online resources for Visio Services in one place. Visio Services is a new feature in SharePoint 2010 that allows you to view and share dynamic, data driven diagrams….


New Structured Diagrams Whitepaper for Visio 2010

Microsoft has published a new technical article on MSDN about the Structured Diagram capabilities of Visio 2010.  Structured Diagrams help you organize the contents of your diagrams using intuitive, logical relationships between shapes.  These capabilities are exposed as the Containers, Lists, and Callouts features in Visio 2010. The article covers these topics: Overview of the…


External Data Authentication White Papers

The Visio team is pleased to announce the release of two new white papers which will help Visio Services administrators choose and configure the right external data authentication mechanism for their data connected diagrams. Data Authentication for Visio Services: This paper provides an overview of the advantages, drawbacks and applications of the various authentication mechanisms…


Need help finding commands in the new Visio 2010 ribbon?

In Visio 2010, we completely revamped the Visio user interface and adopted the Office Fluent UI or the “Ribbon”. With the Office Fluent UI, Visio’s extensive capabilities are organized into logical, easy to find groups that help you accomplish tasks efficiently. The breakdown of each of the core tabs in the Visio 2010 Ribbon was…