Video: Process Diagrams in Visio 2010

Recently Mark Nelson from the Visio team sat down with Harry Miller (off-screen) to discuss some of the improvements in Visio 2010 related to process diagrams.  The video includes explanations of our Process Management investments as well as demos for Cross-functional Flowchart, BPMN diagram and Validation features.


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The conversation is the latest in a video series titled “Visio: Drawing on Experience” posted on Microsoft TechNet.  Other videos featuring some of our Visio MVPs can be found here:

Comments (5)

  1. Bill Bates says:

    Nice video.  Most BPM diagrams have swimlanes and pools.  Is there a way to have the BPMN Diagram template come up with the cross-functional swimlane options during creation?

    Basically I want the Cross-Functional Flowchart with the BPMN symbols and functionality.  I guess I am just one of those users that just wants it all <g>.

  2. Visio Team says:

    Hi Bill,

    Yes, you can create a BPMN-style cross-functional flowchart. Start with the BPMN template and drag out the Pool/lane shape. This creates a cross-functional flowchart that you can continue to manipulate on the drawing surface or through the Cross-functional tab in the ribbon.

    Mark Nelson – Visio Team

  3. delkoman says:

    I give up… How do I group swimlanes into pools?

  4. Visio Team says:

    There are a couple of ways to add a swimlane to a pool. First, it may be worth looking at the post on Cross-functional Flowcharts (CFFs):

    This post explains how you can add a new lane to a pool. You can also select any lane and drag it into a pool. As you drag the lane, you will see the blue arrow mentioned in the CFF post: this arrow tells you where the lane will be inserted. Using this same technique, you can also drag a lane to re-order it within a pool. With BPMN lanes, dragging one lane on to another will automatically create a pool around them.

    Thanks for reading the blog!

  5. Victor_Lu says:

    Cool features!thanks for your great works.

    Currently we are using one Viso plug-in( to create some BPMN diagram, seems no longer need it if we have Viso2010, right?

    Also I’m working on one project base on SOA architecture, using Oracle SOA suite: BPMN Studio –> BPEL(JDeveloper), would you tell any similar process in your company?

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