Visio 2010 Beta Released

This morning Microsoft announced that the Beta versions of Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, Project 2010 and Microsoft Visio 2010 are now available!  You can download Visio 2010 Beta here.  This is a public Beta, so anyone can install and use it.

Changes in the Beta

Visio 2010 Beta has numerous refinements based on customer feedback from the Technical Preview.  The most visible changes can be found in the Backstage View.  This area has been redesigned to feel more integrated with the rest of the Ribbon, as is explained in the Office 2010 Engineering blog.  Also there are several visual updates.  In the screenshot below, you can see the new look of the Backstage View found under the File tab.


Saving files to SharePoint is also different in Visio 2010 Beta.  Now saving to a SharePoint location, saving to a Visio Process Repository and publishing to Visio Services have been combined into a single place.  You simply choose a location and then select whether to save out a standard Visio Drawing or a Visio Web Drawing.


In the other ribbon tabs, you will find visual updates to Themes and a more functional set of Callouts.  For improved ease of use, we’ve refined the behaviors of several diagramming features including adjusting the sensitivity of AutoConnect.



You will also find functional and visual updates to Containers, Cross-functional Flowchart shapes, BPMN shapes, Data Graphics Legends and Wireframe shapes.  If you created diagrams with these shapes in the Technical Preview, please be aware that your existing diagrams will have the Technical Preview version of the shapes while new diagrams created in the Beta will have the new versions of these shapes.  Also for Cross-functional Flowchart diagrams, significant shape and functionality changes mean that Technical Preview diagrams will open in the Beta but will not be editable.

More information about the features of Visio 2010 can be found on this blog.  End user help is also available on the Microsoft Office Beta site.

Visio Services Beta and Visio SDK Beta

Coinciding with the release of Visio 2010 Beta, we are releasing the Beta version of Visio Services as part of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Beta.  You can download SharePoint 2010 Beta from MSDN here.   In addition we are releasing a Beta version of the Visio Software Development Kit, a download for solution developers.  We will provide more information about the Visio SDK Beta in an upcoming post.

Send Us Your Feedback

We encourage you to download the Beta and give us your feedback.  We’re rapidly approaching the end of the Visio 2010 development cycle, and your feedback is essential to ensure a high quality final product.  You can comment on the posts on the blog or use the Send a Smile tool to let us know what you think.

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Comments (8)

  1. John says:

    I’ve got a crash in Visio 2010 beta. Create a UML Model Diagram (metric), then drag a class onto the page. From here, go to the UML tab in the ribbon and ensure ‘Documentation’ is ticked. Then select the class on the page, and enter some text into the documentation box (bottom left). While the cursor is still in the documentation box, untick ‘Documentation’ and Visio will crash.

    This actually happens in Visio 2003 as well (installed on a different computer).

  2. Visio Team says:

    Thanks for the bug report, John. We have reproduced the problem and are investigating.

    Mark Nelson – Visio Team

  3. Art Braune says:

    Can we get back some of the "right-click" functionality – specifically:

    On Format: Protection, Behavior, and Layer

    And the "Shape" function.



  4. Paul Tiseo says:

    Can one install the beta along side an existing Visio 2007 pro installation?

  5. Dorothy Gosline says:

    Yes, you can install the Visio 2010 beta along with Visio 2007. Both apps can be open at the same time.

  6. Richard Bond says:

    When I try to publish a PivotDiagram based on a sharepoint 2010 list to my sharepoint library, the data connection is not available in the publishing options. is this by design? works fine if I just use linked data however…

  7. Michal Dvorak says:


    I would like to give you an improving idea:

    I use "Reverse Engineer" in ribbon Database to download schema of DB from MS SQL Server 2008. When I click on the table there is "Owner" in Database Properties window. "Owner" isn’t the best name for it, it’s database schema since SQL Server 2005.


  8. Anna Young says:

    I searching for the shape operations.  To me they were always Visios best features for us creative types.  I don’t see anything even close to "fragment’ or "merge".  Where are they???

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