Visio 2010 Technical Beta program

We’re excited to announce that the Visio team is taking nominations to participate in the Visio 2010 Technical Beta program! We will be sending out a limited number of invitations to download and install Visio 2010 Technical Preview in July. The team is excited to get valuable feedback and early testing from our community that will help us make this a great release. Here is your opportunity to nominate yourself to participate in the program (space is limited). If you’re interested, please go here to sign up for Microsoft Connect and apply to be part of the Technical Preview. When asked, select Visio as the application you’re most interested in testing (question 13 on the survey).

We look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. Visio MVPs are already nominated and need not apply.

Comments (11)

  1. Aweb site made with visio. I was a blast! Need new visio functions to make it even better. Hope to to set a fun example!

  2. Arthur Braune says:

    Are Visio Customer Council members still on the invite list of for this preview?

  3. Please enrol me to test the beta of Visio 2010

  4. Please enrol me to test the beta of Visio 2010

  5. Andrew Jolly says:

    We’re big users of Visio at our predominatly SharePoint consultancy, I’ve heard Visio 2010 has improved connections with SharePoint Lists using web services, if there’s truth in this then my colleagues and I could certainly give you all the feedback you could ever want as this connectivity is something we’ve envisioned for a long time. Sign me up!

  6. I use Visio 2003 in my workplace and Visio 2007 at home and have used the product since version 5.0.

    I use the program to create technical drawings for training on a very large petrochemical installation.

    Some of my work can be viwed on

  7. Tom Altman says:

    I would really enjoy working with the beta of Visio 2010.  Most of my work revolves around data and web modeling.

  8. Kevin Pochopien says:

    Is Visio 2010 Technical available for purchase ?

  9. Marc Sewell says:

    I have a VISIO VSL addon product (SimonTOOL) that I would like to get ready for VISIO 2010. May I please join the beta program or at least get a beta copy?



  10. Karl says:

    Seems to be a significant deemphasis on creating new content (moving shapre creation to Dev tab and hiding, no point controls for freeform curves. Will there be a way to get to things like freeform curve controls to make content with them?

  11. Toni Chaffin says:

    I am a significant user of Visio 2007 and 50% of my day to day role involves the creation of schematics, mock-ups and networking solutions. I would like to be considered for the technical beta.


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