Update: Visio 2007 Service Pack 2 and Visio Conference 2008

A few updates…

XMI Export

We recently reported the availability of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Visio 2007.  We received a few questions about how to use the XMI export feature in UML diagrams.  The behavior in SP2 is exactly the same as in previous versions.  Integrating it into the UML solution and retiring the separate download should make life easier for everyone, including us!  The following VBA example demonstrates the interface:

Application.Addons("UML Background Add-on").Run("/CMD=400 /XMIFILE=""C:pathfile.xmi""")

The XMI export acts on the active document, so be sure to set that if your application session has multiple documents open.  If you’re not familiar with VBA, the extra quotation marks in the XMIFILE argument are used to escape the quote character – the value passed in must be wrapped in quotes.

Visio Conference 2008 Videos

Last year, we posted links to videos from the Visio Conference 2008, where we shared a few glimpses into the next version of Visio.  The links have changed – replace the visioconference2008 part of the URL with visio2008 to get to the video site.  Note that some of the videos are quite large and can take a bit to download.

Comments (2)

  1. Kristofer says:

    The XMI export in Visio 2007 is language-dependent. Some enumerated values are written localized which makes the XMI unimportable in most tools.

    Ex using Swedish Visio 2007:

    <Foundation.Core.AssociationEnd.aggregation xmi.value="sammansatt"/>

    The value "sammansatt" should have been "composite".

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