Service Pack 2 available for Visio 2007

Yesterday, we released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Visio 2007. You can download and install it from:

Among the issues we've addressed in SP2 are these:

  • A crash caused by early versions of the Broadcom “Send To Bluetooth” add-in occurs every time Visio is shut down. The first crash on exit will still occur, but subsequent crashes will not. The add-in will be disabled until it is updated to a newer version from Broadcom. More information on this and similar add-in issues is available here:
  • When the Reports feature is used to export a report to Microsoft Office Excel, Excel opens without any user interface except the worksheet window. The ribbon does not appear.

  • Script errors occur when Internet Explorer 8 is used to browse Web pages that are saved from Visio.

  • When a Visio drawing is inserted as a linked object in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel, and the link is updated, the quality of the image degrades.

  • If a Visio file name contains the -r- or -s- characters (for example, “filename -r-”), it triggers a repair of the application when the file is opened in Visio.

  • When a shape is dragged between two instances of Visio, the open regions of the shape are opaque, and this makes it difficult to position the shape on the new page.

  • Appointments in a Microsoft Office Outlook calendar do not import into Visio when the language version of Visio and the Windows locale setting are different.

  • Visio crashes when the 117th layer is added to the page.

  • In a UML Model Diagram, changing the Flow Kind of a Message Object does not correctly reset the Operation field in the UML Message Properties dialog box.

In addition, SP2 provides these new capabilities:

  • The ability to programmatically export an XML file compliant with the XMI standard from a UML diagram. This functionality was formerly available only as a separate download for Visio 2003.

  • The ability to disable access to CAD (*.dwg) files in Visio 2007. More information is available in this article:
Comments (4)

  1. Mike Crowley says:

    SWEET now I can do my 118 layer drawings I’ve been waiting for!!

    What else is coming along with visio?  This blog is a pretty quiet one.

  2. Andrew says:

    Are there any code examples around for the XMI export?

  3. KE8912 says:

    After manually installing the full-file version of the Office 2007 SP2, Visio already seems fully updated without having applied the Visio 2007 SP2. I didn’t check every file, but VISIO.EXE certainly has the SP2 version number. Is the Visio 2007 SP2 not needed when applying the above-mentioned Office 2007 SP2?

  4. A few updates… XMI Export We recently reported the availability of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Visio 2007.

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