Visio as a Business Process Analysis Tool

Visio had the opportunity to present at Microsoft's SOA & BP conference last November on using Visio as a Business Process Analysis Tool.  A video of that presentation is now available for viewing.  Mark Nelson from the Visio team describes how Visio 2007 helps bring BPA to the masses through its in-box feature set and robust solutions platform.  Also Keith Sharp from partner Ascentn demonstrates their AgilePoint BPM product, which is built on the Visio platform.


Comments (4)

  1. We currently use Visio (and have used since version 4.5) as a major driver in our product development.  It appears that the ability to read and write shape data is still via COM (IDispatch / ICustom).  Will there be an ability to interact with the object model via .NET native API?  Interop is not very attractive as we do not benefit from the richer .NET object model (and speed is very important to us as well).

  2. Visio Team says:

    Hi Rick,

    Visio continues to use COM as the underlying automation technology, but Visio and other Office applications provide .NET support through Primary Interop Assemblies (PIAs).  This gives .NET developers the richness of the .NET object model and still enables solutions to run in Visio’s application process (making them performant).

    Visual Studio Tools for Office provides full support for working with Visio applications using managed code.  For Visual Studio 2005 we recommend creating Shared Add-ins.  For Visio Studio 2008 we recommend creating VSTO Add-ins.

    Mark Nelson

    Visio Team

  3. Neil says:

    I have a Visio that multiple connections points between multiple applications and cam be very hard to read(Spaghetti nightmare) because of all the lines. Is there a way that if I click on an application that it would highlight all of the connection points?

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