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Hi Everyone,

Our Product Planning team would like to hear from those who share diagrams by putting them on a Web site, SharePoint site or file server.  Are you sharing diagrams connected to data sources (perhaps through the new Data Link and Data Graphics features in Visio 2007)?  We'd like to better understand how our customers share diagrams inside their organizations.

If you would like to help us with this area, please contact us.

Visio Team

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  1. Jeff says:

    We currently share wireframes and UML visio docs on our internal network via Sharepoint.  We like the Sharepoint integration and the ability to check documents in and out all from within Sharepoint.  However, we have experienced a tremendous amount of instability working on large visio documents (wireframes or use cases with 100+ pages).  Frequently documents will become corrupt or large amounts of changes will be lost when visio hangs during saving.  We are currently writing our own Visio add-on to better handle saving and sharing.

  2. Hi,

    I’m a web producer by trade and I do an intensive use of Visio for User Experience Design and Software Product Requirements. I have spent years building my set of stencils and use them on a daily basis.

    Yet… I still rely on printed paper and emailed word documents (with pasted objects) to share the resulting work.

    I have many Ideas on how new features would make my life easier. One of them involve a better handling of OLE links with a more specific Visio/Word integration. Another idea has to do with the use of printing/rendering templates to outputs diagrams in a uniform and navigable manner.

    As for the use of Data, I abandoned this idea a while back. I have stencils for my need of signage and annotation, but ultimately I have to rely on word to handle all the functional descriptions that come with my diagrams.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss how I work, or wished I worked with visio.

    Glad to see Visio is progressing,


  3. Jeremy says:

    Email, it is always email.

    (Okay, not always–we also put them on our SharePoint server. Generally a PDF gets emailed and the Visio file gets uploaded.)

  4. I would be happy to work with the product team on this topic for two reasons:

    1) A growing number of our customers store TaskMaps in SharePoint. (TaskMap is a COM add-in to Visio.)

    They do run into one problem: when they double-click a TaskMap stored in SharePoint, Visio either hangs or crashes while trying to open the drawing. However, if they use the pulldown and select "Edit with Microsoft Visio" everything works correctly.

    I don’t know whether this has anything to do with TaskMap being a COM add-in or some other factor. Also I’m not as familiar with SharePoint as I need to be so I would appreciate any thoughts on this issue.

    2) A significant number of our customers use "Save as Web Page…" to share TaskMaps. We have extensive experience with this capability, especially when the stored TaskMaps include embedded hyperlinks to Word docs, spreadsheets and other files. The difference in the hyperlink base between Visio drawings and those stored as web pages creates significant challenges for users — it’s an issue we spend a lot of time documenting and explaining because the value of a TaskMap increases dramatically when it includes hyperlinks to documents and data sources.

    One more point — we will be making extensive use of Visio 2007 Pro linked data sources in upcoming versions of TaskMap. Consequently, I’m very interested in understanding any issues we should know about if those data sources are in SharePoint.

  5. Manuel says:

    —we are still working with vision 2002–

    we are sharing large visio documents (more than 250 sheets) on the company LAN.

    All these files are link to MS Access databases.

    Frequently we have the files corrupted, (no more acces to glue chack boxes or, Internal error #3400 -action 1004.)

  6. We’re having similar problem as described by Scott, when trying to open a Visio document from SharePoint (using Visio Professional 2003), we’re getting "Can’t quit at this time" message and Visio crashes, but when we click on "Edit with MS Visio" it opens just fine. This happens on some computers but not on other computers. I tried fixing this by reinstalling Windows SharePoint Services Support in MS Visio Setup, but that didn’t help. I tried to find out the fix online, but can’t find anything. I would appreciate if anyone let me know where I should ask this question to get an answer, or if you know the answer (email me at Thanks

    We’re using shared drives and SharePoint Intranet sites to share Visio documents. We’re converting them to PDF format whenever posting them on the Internet site. The shared sources include Access and SQL databases.

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