New version of InfoStrat.VE: VE3D in WPF

Goodness for the new year: 

Globe Screenshot

Have you seen the Microsoft Surface Globe application in the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7?  There are plenty of videos of the app in action on YouTube:

Would you like to build an app like this yourself?  Thanks to InfoStrat.VE, you can! Josh Blake just announced the R2 release of InfoStrat.VE.  Amongst other improvements, it includes support for the same touch interaction on Windows 7 you have available in the Microsoft Surface Globe app.  Full details on Josh’s blog:

 Via Marc

Comments (2)

  1. says:

    Can anyone tell me how to tilt while maintaining "focus"? When I tilt…the camera "shoots off" into the horizon.

    I can’t find ANY documentation on the Microsoft.MapPoint.Rendering3D namespace (or ANY MapPoint namespaces for that matter). Why??

    How are you guys creating these samples without API documentation??


  2. NikolaiF says:

    There is a help file here: and the samples include XML for intellisense here:

    The default VE3D code generally doesn’t allow Roll in the view, so while the basic camera code supports it, it is possible that there are bugs related to camera views that have roll.  If you could isolate the issue in a simple project I can take a look.  Send a message via the contact link and I’ll provide you with an email address to send it to.

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