Two good questions

Posting some answers to questions I've gotten recently.

Bug in the samples:

Kind of silly that I hadn't noticed this until now, but there's an error in the sample html for most of the samples.  The name of the functions used for plug-in load and activate conflict with an internal name used in the AJAX code.  Change "On3DPlugInLoaded" and "On3DPlugInActivated" to any other name, for example "PlugInLoaded" and "PlugInActivated".  Remember to change both your function name and the string passed to AttachEvent.

Zoom or Rotate around a point:

There have been several requests about how to allow people to zoom or rotate around a particular point on the screen, rather than the center.  The code here isn't as cleaned up as I normally like it, but it illustrates the ideas.  You can do the rotate by purely calling built-in VE3D functions via the bindings system, but zoom requires a bit more work.  To run the code, replace files in the Multitouch sample with the files in the zip.  You will want to call or adapt the calls to GestureEventSource to be in response to your inputs, rather than the worker thread I created.

Remember you can contact me any time via the contact form, or if you prefer via comments.  Even if it looks like I haven't posted recently 🙂

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