Information Pop-ups in WinForms

We’ve had several questions about how to do a pop-up form in WinForms, similar to the one on the website.  The website pop-up is implemented entirely within the browser, using an IFrame.  Therefore, the functionality does not exist by default in the managed code alone.  However, the events you need are provided, and creating your…


VE3D on a Mac

Parallels, which is a program that allows running Windows software on a Mac, has recently released version 4, which has support for DirectX 9.0.  This means that Mac users can now see VE3D in all its glory.  Well, most of it anyway.  I don’t have a Mac in my office to test with, but it kind…


Animated Textures

In addition to using dynamic buffers to animate geometry, you can also animate the textures on geometry.  This is accomplished by using BitmapProvider.  A BitmapProvider at its simplest is just a wrapper for a Bitmap, which can be used as the icon for a pushpin or the data for a texture that should be applied…


Animation Redux

This sample was released before, but didn’t have a version that could run on the web without an install. The new version in the samples pack is almost exactly the same, so I won’t go over it again in detail.  This post is just to show it off interactively. See it in action! When the page…


Debug Key Shortcuts

There are a few settings in VE3D that you can use for debugging that are turned off by default, but (for a dev anyway) are very easy to turn back on again.  All you need is this file.  Drop it into VE3D’s settings directory, which is at this location: (Vista) C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\Virtual Earth 3D   (XP) C:\Documents…


Actors and DataSources

In this sample, we create a DataSource, which is a class that can be used for large-scale data sets.  It provides hooks into the system’s spatial index, memory cache, and background data threads.  Data from the DataSource will only be requested when it is in view, and will be automatically cached according to how often…


Camera Control

In this sample, we create a plug-in to move the camera to a random location in the world every time a HTML button is pressed.  It demonstrates basic plug-in loading, writing and using a CameraController, and communicating between a plug-in and the hosting web page via Events. See it in action. Camera controllers are important because…


Terrain Imagery Overlays

There are four ways to add custom imagery to VE3D.  The first three involve using built-in classes, and you just have to provide information on where to get the data.  The fourth involves implementing your own DataSource. See it in action!  This sample demonstrates how to add common terrain imagery data to the world, and…


Controlling Time

Today we show a little of the “Time” sample.   It demonstrates how to use the concepts of rendering time and world time. In any rendering or simulation engine it is important to understand the system’s concepts of time.  VE3D uses two time concepts.  The first is “rendering time”, which is a time value specified at the…


Current Samples

Here’s the newest, most whiz-bang sample set we’ve got right at the moment. Download The Samples! Get the Bing Maps 3D installer! For the future, whenever we update the sample set we will update this post, to save you (and us) from having to slog through out-of-date links. Updated April 9, 2009.  Current Control Version:  4.0