MapPoint 2010, 2011 or 2012?

Do you want to see a new version of MapPoint? If so, do you want to determine what features go in and what features get out? Do you love MapPoint and just want more, more, more? Do you post threads on Channel 9 spitting on MapPoint because you think “it sucks,” but don’t really provide…


MapPoint 2009 (European Edition) Now Available

We’ve officially released MapPoint 2009 European English Edition into the wild. Now our friends across the pond can experience the greatness of our desktop mapping application with data updates and a new user interface. MapPoint 2009 European Edition is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Here are a list of the features (I…


New GPS Provider for MapPoint 2009

For those of you looking to continue using the Pharos GPS puck(s) that shipped with S&T the last few years and MapPoint 2006, you can now look forward to a new piece of geek gadgetry. MapPoint 2009 with GPS Locator and Streets & Trips 2009 with GPS Locator (in Canada) will now be packaged with…


I Want My MapPoint Icons Back!

Yeah, in MapPoint 2009 (and Streets & Trips 2009) we took out many of the colorful little pushpin icons included natively in previous releases of the product. We added the way cool "Import Custom Symbol" functionality, but for those of you who love our little caricatures there’s just no love in the world. Correction -…


Streets & Trips 2009 Free Trial Download Now Available

I missed this when I posted that the MapPoint 2009 trial version is now available for free download. Streets and Trips 2009 trial is also available for free download. Alternatively, soon you can also purchase Streets and Trips 2009 online or visit your local software retailer to find it. However, you can always buy the…


MapPoint 2009 Trial Now Available for Free Download

If you’re excited about the release of MapPoint 2009 today should be a bit more exciting for you because we released the MapPoint 2009 trial version for free download. I did a whole write up on the MapPoint 2009 release, so if you’re still wondering about the features and highlights you should check that out….


Streets and Trips Training for Sales Professionals

The true sign of a road warrior is one who knows and uses Microsoft Streets and Trips. S&T has been used by traveling sales professionals for years because of it’s interactivity with the Office suite of products, ability to import customer and prospect lists and setup the day’s meetings all in an offline solution. Now,…


Overcoming Pushpin Limitations in MapPoint 2009

For as long as I’ve worked at Microsoft I’ve seen this issue with a 10,000 pushpin limit in MapPoint 2002, 2004, 2006 and, yes, it still exists in 2009. The issue is this: if you try to import more than 10,000 addresses into MapPoint you’ll get the error, "Only 10000 records may be mapped at…


MapPoint 2009 / Streets & Trips 2009

It’s official! We’re releasing an update to the desktop products MapPoint 2009 (Desktop Business Intelligence Mapping and Analysis Tool) and Streets & Trips 2009 (Desktop Consumer Trip Planning). Contrary to the release of MapPoint 2006, there are quite a few more features and a whole new interface. MapPoint 2009 will be available September 1, 2008….